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THIS is to inform the public in general that one of our client has contracted to purchase the 43000 shares of M/s. Premier Flour Mills Private Limited from Malik Allah Bakhsh S/o Ahmed Jan, CNIC No. 42201-9267617-5 R/o House No. B-195, Block-2, PECHS, Karachi free from all types of claims, demands, disputes, litigations, liens, etc any person / party having any claim / objection should notify to the undersigned along with documentary evidence through TCS / registered A.D within seven days of this publication, failing which all claims / objection if any, shall be deemed to have been waived and the transaction of shares transfer shall be completed / materialized in favour of our client. RIZVI AND RIZVI - ADVOCATES HIGH COURT at M-2/A, U.K. Square, Block-16, Federal "B" Area, Karachi.

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WE have been retained and instructed by our client Mr. Rahat Khan Zafari S/o Mr. Lal Khan holding Valid CNIC 42101-9938323-7 R/o House No. 338 Block 1, KBR Scheme Sector 16-A Buffer zone Karachi to publish AAQ NAMA in the Widely circulated morning Newspapers i.e. Daily Dawn Karachi & Daily Jang Karachi for various reasons (1) Through the instant publication the general Public and public at large are informed that my Son Mr. Imtiaz-ul_hasan is no longer entitled to his inheritance on my death, due to his acts of criminally, cheating, embezzlements and fraud in the business (2) Due to his cheating and swindling of huge amount from the business accounts, my other sons and daughter are suffering every day (3) In view of the above our client intentionally and deliberately announced publicly that from the date of publication our client has got no relationship with his son, Mr. Imtiaz-ul-Hassan and he is been AAQ from inheritance, and the public at large are informed now onwards no transaction be made with him in the name of our milk business, if any person or Persons enters into any transaction he will be responsible himself and none of the family members including our client will be held responsible by: Asad Ali Kalwar Advocate for M.Ahmed Pirzada Law Associates.Read more


DIESEL GENERATORS from stock 01-1000 KVA with installation and maintenance services available. S.M. Jaffer & Co., Karachi. Phone: 32850780, Fax: 32851162.Read more


IN the Court of Artash Ahmed Sahiba, Civil Judge, Jhelum. Amreen Mushtaq vs Ejaz Hussain Shah etc. Suit for Dissolution of Nikkah on the Basis of Khullah etc. To, Ejaz Hussain Shah s/o Syed Asghar Ali Shah, r/o Chak Ali Shah, Post Office Bijwala Kalan, Tehsil & District Jhelum. Whereas in the above mentioned case it has been proved to the satisfaction of the court that the above mentioned defendant cannot be served in the ordinary way, it is, therefore, proclaimed under Order 5, Rule 20 CPC that if the said defendant will / shall not appear personally or through a duly authorized agent or pleader in court at 8am on 18/09/2018, the proceedings will be taken ex-parte. No arguments of any nature shall be entertained thereafter. Given under my hand and seal of this Court.Read more