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MY Client to of contract Flat 900 sq ft Muhammad Arshad CNIC No. 42301-0180031-1 S/o Mr. Mukarab Khan Sub Lease to power Annad Kumar S/o Gopal Das CNIC No. 44205-6291112-9 Resident of House No. 104/1 Commercial Avenue Phase IV DHA Karachi, Badar Commercial Street 6 Plot 36-C 1st Floor Flat No. 102 Measuring 900 square feet Phase V DHA Karachi. Free from all dues claims encumbrances centre (etc any) person, bank, authority have any claims objection should notify us in DHA Karachi within 7 days from this publication after (that no objection) shall be entertained. A.N Property through DUA Enterprise 0306-2610763 0300-2678952.

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