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IT is to notify for Public that Mr. Rahimalibhoy S/o Hussainbhoy Fadoo a member of the Sindhi Muslim Cooperative Housing Society Limited Karachi and allottee of Residential Bungalow Plot No. 63, Block 'B' of the Society admeasuring 850 square yards bearing City Survey No. 403 has gifted the said Residential Bungalow Plot to his real son Mr. Mazhar Abbas S/o Rahim Ali vide Declaration and Confirmation of Oral Gift duly registered at No. 1817 Book No. I dated 12-05-2016 with Sub-Registrar-I, Jamshed Town Karachi and Digital Scanning Unit Karachi, BoR Sindh RD:1871/SRO:17/Doc Type 22: dated 01-07-2016. He has also requested for transfer of five shares valued at Rs.250/- standing in his name to that in the name of his son Mr. Mazhar Abbas S/o Rahim Ali. Any person or persons or Financial Institution having any objection / claims against the recording of the said Gift of the Residential Bungalow Plot No. 63 Block 'B' SMCHS Karachi in the name of Mr. Mazhar Abbas S/o Rahim Ali (Donee) along with five shares valued at Rs. 250/- standing in the name of Mr. Rahimalibhoy S/o Hussainbhoy Fadoo (Donor), should inform the undersigned in writing with proper documentary evidence within 14 days hereof failing which all needful will be done accordingly after the approval of the Managing Committee and objection / claim if any shall not be entertained and shall be deemed to have been waived. Note: The said Plot is purely a Residential Bungalow Plot. No bifurcation / sub-division is allowed. Construction of any type of Town-houses / Multi-storeyed-building / Flat-site / Office-plaza / Clinic / Hospital / Shopping-arcade / Super-market / Commercial-plaza / Showroom / Restaurant / Hotel / Motel / School / Wedding-lawn / Hall / Cinema-hall / Cineplex / Security-company etc. is not allowed. The undertakings for the same have already been submitted by the Donor and Donee. In case, if the plot is privately sub-divided / bifurcated, the Allotment Order / Mutation Letter / Sub-Lease will stand cancelled. Honorary Secretary, Sindhi Muslim Co-Operative Housing Society Limited Block'A' Allama I. I. Kazi Chowk, Karachi. 74400

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