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MY client has contracted to purchase a lease hold property, bearing Apartment No 1 (One) on Ground floor admesuring 1545 square feet, in the project known as "Omega Apartment" constructed on Plot No 14 Sheet No FT-3, situated in Frere Town Quarters, Karachi along with 1/15th (One Fifteen) undivided share in the relevant portion of Plot No 14 Sheet No FT-3, Frere Town Quarters, Karachi, with its marketable title together with peaceful vacant physical possession and original title documents thereof, free from all encumbrances, dues, charges, taxes, liens, disputes, suits, cases, objections, burdens, etc. of whatsoever nature from its legal and lawful and recorded Owners, namely (1) Mr. Adnan Ghanghro holding CNIC No 42301-7524969-7, (2) Mr. Imran Ghanghro and (3) Mr. Amir Ghanghro, all Sons of (Late) Khair Muhammad Ghanghro. Any person, persons, banks, bodies, companies, institutes and/or authorities having any claim, objection, disputes, litigation, right, title, interest and/or share of any nature whatsoever in the said property or part thereof or any objection to the said sale transaction, should notify to the under signed, along with documentary evidence, under a Registered post within seven days from the date of publication of this notice, failing which all claims, lien or objections, if any shall be deemed to have been waived and the said sale transaction and also the said property shall be conveyed and transferred in favour of my client IMRAN MAGRANI ADVOCATE HIGH COURT A-607 & 707, Saima Trade Towers, I.I Chundrighar Road, Karachi.

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