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MY clients, Dr. Shahid Abbas, MBBS, DCP, M.Sc, (Med. Immunology, London), AMCAP (USA), consultant transplant immunology and DNA Tissue Typing & Paternity Testing Lab, Al Rehman Chamber, opposite to Tehzeeb Bakers, Fazal-e-Haq Road, Blue Area, Islamabad-44000 (Tel: 051-2344218, Fax: 051-2605905) have learned with immense concern that some unscrupulous agents / conmen are manufacturing and passing off fake and unauthorised tissue typing reports, counter-feited falsely; and fraudulently attributing these to my aforementioned clients who act honestly, ethically and strictly in accordance with law. On the other hand, counter feathers and quacks are misconducting in order to mislead and for the purpose of generating unjust enrichment unethically. The undersigned has reported several such machinations to the police including all the Inspectors General; and alerted relevant health authorities for rectification and necessary "peshbaandi", as well as protective measures and implementation of appropriate precautions. Faking spurious medical certificates and / or fabricating any Laboratory Reports is a grievous, illegal and dangerous practice which constitutes exploitation and outrage. It is also criminal and most reprehensible abomination. Transplants for legitimate purposes (and sanctioned by law), performed after cheap, fake Tissue Typing Reports as decoys, may cause death or serious complication of grave magnitude and consequences. All concerned are hereby requested to immediately (and without fail), verify and confirm the authenticity or otherwise of any and all such reports before any transplant operation or any other ancillary development. This must be accomplished lawfully and with due care by doctors and surgeons, inter alia, after telephone consultation and (repeat) CONFIRMATION in writing under signature as well as engraved GENUINE SEAL of my clients. It is further notified that my clients are providing state of the art (and quality) Kidney / Bone-marrow transplant testing. Dr. Shahid Abbas has attained well-earned international reputation as well as distinguished stature as leading expert in Allergy & Transplant Immunology. Be it known that any doctor or otherwise carrying out, or collaborating in any mischievous activity; or operation whatsoever; or implementing any medical / surgical procedures without written verification of reports by my clients shall be responsible for all risks, indemnity costs and untoward consequences. Exemplary court proceeding shall be instituted without any leniency or hesitation by my clients entirely at culprits' risk, punitiveness and "costs based on indemnity". Barrister Syyed Mohammad Javaid Iqbal Jafree of Slarpore, (Senior Advocate, Pakistan Supreme Court), Geoffrey & Khitran / Pakistan Institute of Human Rights, 11 Caliph Omer Plaza, One Mozang Road, Iqbal Geoffrey Square, Lahore-54000. Telephone: 0423-724-8518; 702-9911, Mobile: 0345-426-6785.

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