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IN the Court of Ijaz Ahmed Gondal, Additional District Judge, Chakwal. Civil Appeal. Abid Hussain etc vs District Collector etc. To, District Collector Chakwal, M. Akbar, Sadiq Hussain, Liaqat Ali son of Noor Aalam, Iqbal Begum D/o Shah Nawaz, Sultan Khan son, Karam Bahari W/o Shern Khan, Mian Muhammad son, Bakhat Bahari, Jhan Begum D/o Mehar Bahri, Bakhat Begum D/o Bhag Behri, Muhammad Imran, Muhammad Kamran paternal grandson, Salama Bibi, Afrain Bibi, Rimsah Bibi Granddaughter of Lal Khan son of Bhag Bahri, Mushtaq Hussain Son of Abdul Rehman, Ghulam Yaseen, Fazal Kareem, Muhammad Ameen, Muhammad Saleem sons, Arshad Begum, Rukhsana Bibi D/o Haji Khan, Ghulam Aasia, Malkani D/o Shar Muhammad, Mian Anwar son of Alaf Din, Fakhar-ud-din son of Muhammad Saeed, Muhammad Ahmed, Rashid Ahmed sons, Arshad Begum D/o Allah Yar, Mehmood Sultan, Muhammad Asif sons of Nazir Ahmed, Gulshad Begum, Shanaz Begum, Imtiaz Begum, Hazor Begum, Hajra Bibi d/o Nazir Ahmed, Mumtaz Ahmed, Muhammad Imran sons, Shazia Noreen, Aasia Noreen D/o Bashir Ahmed, Khalas Khan Son of Jahan Khan, Ali Khan, Ajmal Khan, Amir Khan sons of Hadyat Khan, Maki Masjid & Mudrassa through Saddar Rab Nawaz Son of Mahdi Khan, Muhammad Iqbal son of Waryam, Muhammad Wazir, Muhammad Kabeer sons, Kalsoom Bibi, Ghulam Sakeena, Ghulam Zarina, Bahag Bahri, Ghulam Safia D/o Mahar Behri, Afzal Jan D/o Waryam, Mehr Bahri, Bahag Bahri D/o Mawaz Khan, Munsab Khan, Muhammad Aslam, Ali Khan sons of Noor Khan, Caste Awan, R/o Daroot, Tehsil Talagang, District Chakwal. Whereas in the above mentioned case it has been proved to the satisfaction of the court that the above mentioned defendant cannot be served in the ordinary way, it is, therefore, proclaimed under Order 5, Rule 20 CPC that if the said defendant will / shall not appear personally or through a duly authorized agent or pleader in court at 9am on 27/05/2017, the proceedings will be taken ex-parte. No arguments of any nature shall be entertained thereafter. Given under my hand and seal of this Court.

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