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OUR client has contracted to purchase Office No. 104, measuring 500 sq ft Plot No. 4-C, 35th Street Tauheed Commercial Area Phase V, DHA Karachi from Mr. Hayat Kamal S/o Zahid Hussain CNIC: 42301-1866639-1, R/o Karachi, free from all dues, taxes etc. If any person bank / authority having objection, claim, should notify to us and Sub-Registrar-I, Clifton Town Karachi, with documentary evidence within 7 days of this publication, otherwise transaction shell be completed in favour of our client. GHORI ESTATE, Plot 3-C, 35th Street Tauheed Commercial Phase V, DHA 0300-9247053.

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ORIGINAL declaration of Oral Gift relating to 50% share of SHOP NO. 1, MEASURING 186 SQ.FT. Ground Floor in the Building constructed on Plot No. BC-12, Block-9, KDA Scheme No. 5, Clifton, Karachi, executed by MR. NOORUDDIN LAKDAWALA S/O YOUSUF ALI in favor of Mustafa Nooruddin Son of Nooruddin Lakdawala duly registered Under No. 1611 at pages 61 to 64, Volume No. 3076 dated 22.04.1986 has been misplaced / lost. Police report to the effect has been lodged in P.S. Clifton Karachi on 08.07.2017 and certified true copy has already been obtained by Mr. Mustafa Nooruddin. Now on the basis of CTC of declaration of Oral Gift Mr. Mustafa Nooruddin S/o Nooruddin Lakdawala has agreed to sell, transfer, grant convey and assign to our client, his respective 50% share of Shop No. 1, measuring 186 sq.ft. Ground Floor, BC-12, Block-9, Clifton, Karachi with peaceful physical complete vacant free from all encumbrances, charges, liens, demands and dues whatsoever. Any person / authority having any claim / objection should notify the same to us with documentary evidence, under registered A.D cover within 7 days from the date hereof. Failing which all claims and objections whatsoever shall be deemed to have been waived and abandoned. M. SIDDIQ KHIYANI Advocate High Court, Khiyani & Khiyani Law Associates, Office No. 7, Mezzanine Floor, HAMILTON COURT, Plot No. G-2, main Clifton Road, Block-7, Clifton, Karachi. Phone: 35863443.Read more


ALHAMDOLILLAH our client has contracted to purchase Plot No. E-113, (Chemical Area), measuring (01) One Acre, situated in Eastern Industrial Zone, Port Qasim Authority Karachi. From Mr. Roopan Mal S/o Mr. Chhachu Mal holding CNIC No. 45402-5421918-9. Free from all dues, charges, liabilities etc. Any person, bank, authority having any claim / objection should notify us / Port Qasim Authority Karachi within seven days of this publication. Otherwise transaction shall be completed in favour of our client. ESTATE CONSULTANTS 0333-2004441.Read more

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