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Dawn Classifieds 500 Square Yard House in Karachi Clifton For Sale Karachi

CLIFTON, BLOCK 5 , 550 yards bungalow, 4 bed DDL West open, plenty of water, near MASJID/ PARK, Peaceful vicinity. Reasonable price. SOUTH HUB Realtor 0301-8429293.

DEFENCE Sale, Purchase, Exchange commercial residential URGENT sale corner SAHIL COMMERCIAL 200/100 BEACH Avenue. 0302-4015878, 0332-3278334, 35895378 EID MUBARAK from Saif COOPERATIVERead more

DEFENCE Bungalow for tenant / buyer 500 yards, Phase 8, 21st Street, 13 bed, tiles & wood flooring, green lawn, peaceful area, visit and details, Talha Premier Estate 03219213889.Read more

DEFENCE URGENT sale / exchange CORNER SAHIL commercial on BEACH AVENUE 100 / 200 GUARANTEED COMPARATIVELY BELOW market price than other commercial area 0302-4015878, 0332-3278334, 9221-35895378 Saifullah Syed.Read more