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OUR client has contracted to purchase Plot No. 37/II, Zulfikar Street-3 Phase VIII measuring 500 Sq.yds, Pakistan Defence Officers Housing Authority, Karachi, from Syed Mahboob Hasan S/o. Syed Ibne Hasan Rizvi, CNIC 42101-5210783-7, resident of Karachi, free from all dues claims and encumbrances any person, Government Department, financial institution, banks, having any claim, objection should notify us and Sub Registrar-I, Clifton Town, DHA, Karachi within 7 days of this publication failing which any claim / objection shall be deemed to have been waived and transfer shall be completed in favour of our client PROPERTY PRIME TIME 11-C/I, Shahbaz Commercial Lane-4, Phase-VI, DHA, Karachi.

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OUR client has contracted to purchased Flat No. 701, 7th floor, 1200 square feet, Bridge View Apartment, Sub-Plot No. FT-2 1/1 GO 1/2, Plot No. FT-2 1/2, Frere Town, Clifton, Karachi. From Mr Muhammad Ali Khosa S/o Khursheed Ahmed Khosa CNIC No. 42301-5848708-1 resident of Karachi free from all claims dues, taxes, etc. Any person / bank / authority having any claim / objection should notify to us and Sub Registrar-II Clifton Town, Karachi, within 07 days after that no objection will be entertained and transfer formalities will be completed. M/s. Fair Deal. Cell # 0333-7332118.Read more


ALHAMDULLILAH our client has contracted to purchase Residential Plot of Land bearing No. 65/1, in category "C" measuring 285 square yards (approx) with double (ground plus one) storied Bungalow constructed thereon situated in Block No. 2, KDA Scheme No-5, Clifton, Karachi from Noman Bashir Bloch S/o Muhammad Bashir Tariq CNIC No: 44101-1762399-7, legal and lawful attorney of Mr. Iqbal Dulah Khan S/o Mr. Sultan Dulah Khan CNIC No: 91104-0106453-9 R/o Karachi, free from all encumbrances, disputes, except any person / authority, having any claim / objection over said property should notify us along with documentary evidence and to the Sub-Registrar-II, Clifton Town, Karachi and Directorate of Land Management (Clifton Branch, KDA) Karachi, within (07) seven days of publication of this notice, otherwise transaction shall be completed in favour of our client. CHAUDHRY ESTATE , Tauheed Commercial Phase V, SYED KARIM SHAH 0333-3355062 .Read more


I, Arshad Shahbaz Son of Ashiq Hussain resident of Karachi hereby inform that my original B-Lease of double storey Bungalow No. S-29, Jami Staff Lane No. 11, Phase II Extn measuring 100 square yards or thereabout DHA Karachi, has been lost and i have reported in Gizri Police Station, Report No. 14, Dated: 21-02-2019, and have obtained CTC from concerned authority, on behalf of CTC i am hereby transferring the said property through gift deed to (1). Mrs. Ambreen Khan Arshad and (2). Muhammad Mazen Khan Shahbaz. Any person, authority, agency or bank having any objection should notify Sub-Registrar I, Clifton Town, Karachi with documentary evidence within 7 days of this publication, failing which any claim or objection shall be deemed to have been waived and the transfer / registry will be completed.Read more