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MOHATTA PALACE MUSEUM CURRENT EXHIBITIONS GROUND FLOOR MAKLI: SYMPHONIES IN STONE A spectacular visual record of the tombs and mausolea at Makli, a world heritage site. FIRST FLOOR IMRAN MIR: ALCHEMIST OF LINE Selected works by one of Pakistan's premiere modernists. Museum Timings: Tuesday - Sunday 11:00 am - 6:00 pm Closed on Mondays for information please call 35837669, 35374879

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JANITORIAL products for institutions in bulck packing including HANDWASH, PHENYL, TOILET CLEANER, TEPOL, SURFACE CLEANER. Al-Maimoon: 021-32737786, 0333-3037903.Read more

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IN the Court of Ghulam Muhammad Sarfaraz Sahib, Civil Judge 1st Class, Gujar Khan. Suit for Dissolution of Marriage. Mst. Raheela Tabasam versus Zaffar Hussain S/o Chaudhary Maqsood Hussain, R/o Kohli Dakhli, Jand Najar, Tehsil Gujar Khan, District Rawalpindi, presently r/o Barcelona Spain. In the above titled case, it is not possible to effect service of summon on the above defendant in the ordinary and easy way. Therefore, through publication, above defendants are informed to appear in this court on 27-02-2019, otherwise ex-parte proceeding will be taken against you.Read more


OUR client had purchased Plot No. SNCC-3/3, Block-3, Central Commercial Area, Shaheed-e-Millat Road, Karachi Co-Operative Housing Societies Union Ltd, Karachi total measuring 970 square yards vide sale Deed No. RD 3367 dated: 30.11.2016 from (1) Farooq Parekh S/o Younus, CNIC No. 42201-9093631-7 (2) Babar Shabbir Khan S/o Shabbir Ahmed Khan, CNIC No. 42201-5753778-1 (3) Zubair Ismail Mansouri S/o Muhammad Ismail CNIC No. 42301-6099168-9 through his attorney Adeel S/o Mohammad Hanif CNIC No. 42201-9206541-1 (4) Haji Abdul Sattar S/o Ismail, CNIC No. 42201-1654394-5 (5) Rafeel Raza Charkla S/o Muhammad Saleem, CNIC No. 42201-5517389-3 (6) Darshan Ashok S/o Ashok, CNIC No. 43203-1452525-9 now are applying to transfer and mutation in favour of Topaz Associates (through its partners) (1) Saad Khalil Jaffri S/o Syed Najamudduja Jafri CNIC No. 42301-9795364-9 (2) Muhammad Muzzammil S/o Abdul Qadir CNIC No. 42000-4291452-1 (3) Shezad Muhammad Younus S/o Muhammad Younus CNIC No. 42501-9150179-3 (4) Muhammad Asim Bilvani S/o Muhammad Arif Bilvani CNIC No. 42201-7361601-7 (5) Sohail S/o Muhammad Younus CNIC No. 421010-217619-1 (6) Muhammad Junaid Abdul Qadir S/o Abdul Qadir CNIC No. 42000-3099618-1 (7) Muhammad Younus S/o Abdul Ghani Abbas CNIC No. 425016-534220-9. Any person / authority having any objection(s) should notify to Karachi Co-Operative Housing Societies Union Ltd, Karachi, as well as us with documentary evidence through registered AD within seven days from the date hereof otherwise transaction of mutation and transfer shall be completed in favour of our client, Arzany Land Consulting, Suite No. 5 Mezzanine Floor Al-Haram Tower II, 15/91, BMCHS, Sharfabad Karachi.Read more