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OUR client has contracted to purchase DOUBLE STORY BUNGALOW NO S-139-A, AYYUBIA STAFF LANE 7, PHASE VII EXT MEASURING 100 SQUARE YARDS , from Mr. Shahid Nadeem S/o Muhammad Yousuf Khan (Late) CNIC No. 4210144001427 R/o Karachi free from all claims, encumbrances whatsoever nature. Anybody, Bank, Authority, having any claim, objection over the property mentioned as above, should notify us / Administrator, DHA Karachi, within seven days of this publication. SHACKLES ENTERPRISES 021-35840303-04, 0321-8280149.

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I am Syed Kamran Rasheed S/o Syed Abdul Rasheed CNIC No. 42301-1907686-3 have contracted to purchase a Plot No. R-74 measuring 120 sq yds situated in Sindh Secretariat Emp. Coop. Housing Society, Sector 7-A/2, KDA Sch-33, Karachi, from Muhammad Zamir Katbar S/o Muhammad Panah CNIC No. 42501-1794191-1 free from all claims, liens, demands, encumbrances, objections whatsoever in nature with peaceful vacant physical possession. Any person / bank / authority having any claim / objection of whatsoever in nature should notify the Society Office No. 19-20, 2nd Floor, Bazar-e-Faisal, Karimabad, FB Area, Karachi in writing with documentary evidences within (07) seven days from the date of publication of this notice, otherwise transfer process would be completed in my favour. and no claim / objection shall be entertained afterwards.Read more

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IN the Court of Sardar Omer Hassan Khan Sahib, Civil Judge Rawalpindi. Suit for Declaration for the Issuance of Legal Heirship Certificate. Syed Munawar Ali Shah etc versus Public at Large etc. To, No.10. Azeem Ahmed Siddiqui, son of Shama Noor daughter of late Rehmat Ali, R/o House No. R-132, Street No. 24, Jhangi Rawalpindi, presently residing in U.K. In the above titled case, it is not possible to effect service of summon on the above defendant in the ordinary and easy way. Therefore, through publication, the above said defendants are informed to appear in this court on 02-03-2019, otherwise ex-parte proceeding will be taken against you.Read more


THIS is to inform all the general public that my father namely Ghulam Nabi S/o (late) Abdullah Shah died on 15-03-2008 in Karachi who was the owner of house on Plot No. 84, measuring 283 sq.yards Block-3 Survey Sheet No. 35-P/I, C.P. & Berar Cooperative Housing Society, Ltd., Karachi, Membership Registration No. 73. After his death I being on of the legal heirs applied for obtaining Letter of Administration from honourable High Court of Sindh at Karachi vide S.M.A. No. 230/2018, and the said honourable by issuing High Court of Sindh at Karachi on 29-10-2018 appointed me administration of above said property Letter of Admiration in my name, I being administrator of the said property applying from mutation / transfer before Secretary C.P. & Berar Cooperative Housing Society, Ltd., in the names all legal heirs of my deceased father namely, (1) Surya Khatoon (widow) (2) Hafiz Bashir Ahmed (son) (3) Shabbir Ahmed (son) (4) Rehana Masood Ali (daughter), (5) Farzana Sohail (daughter) (6) Ahmed (son) & (7) Aliya Babar. If any person, company or department has any objection or claim can lodge complaint within seven (7) days of publication with written documentary evidence to the Secretary C.P. & Berar Cooperative Housing Society Ltd., Karachi, situated at Ghazi Salahuddin Road, Masjid Al-Kibria, Block-7 & 8, Karachi-74800, (2) KCHS, Union Ltd., situated Office Block 7/8 Karachi. (3) Ministry of Housing & Works situated Islamabad, after the expiry of the said period no claim or objection shall be entertained and mutation / transfer of the said property shall be completed in all respect. Hafiz Bashir Ahmed Cell: 0335-2404495.Read more