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IN the Court of Qasim Ali Bhatti Sahib, Senior Civil Judge Jhelum. Ayesha Rafiq w/o Muhammad Rafiq, R/o Machine Mohallah No.1, Jhelum vs Public at large. Application for Guardian. To, Faisal Nadeem s/o Chaudhry Khan, R/o Saudi Arabia. Whereas in the above mentioned case it has been proved to the satisfaction of the court that the above mentioned defendant cannot be served in the ordinary way, it is, therefore, proclaimed under Order 5, Rule 20 CPC that if the said defendant will / shall not appear personally or through a duly authorized agent or pleader in court at 9am on 19/03/2019, the proceedings will be taken ex-parte. No arguments of any nature shall be entertained thereafter. Given under my hand and seal of this Court.

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IN the Lahore High Court, Lahore, Writ Petition No. 113839 of 2017. Abdul Ghani son of Allah Ditta, caste Mughal, resident of House No. 16, Street No. 2, Jameel Park, Sargodha. VS. Maqsood Elahi son of Muhammad Ameer, resident of Staff Quarter No. 8, Mohalla/Street No. 12, East Street Phase No.1, Defence Housing Authority, Karachi, 2. Muhammad Iqbal son of Haleem Khan, caste Rajpoot, resident of Jameel Park, Sargodha, 3. Muhammad Bashir son of Allah Dita (deceased) through his legal heirs. i. Mst Ijaz Bibi (widow), ii. Sami Bashir, iii. Haseeb Bashir (sons), iv. Zarqa Bashir, v. Mehren Bashir, vi. Sadaf Bashir (daughters), all Mughal by caste, residents of House No. 745, Street No. G-10/1/17, Islamabad. Whereas above named petition has filed Writ petition No. 113839 of 2017 against order dated 07.02.2017 of learned Additional District Judge, Sargodha District Sargodha and case now been fixed for hearing on 22.05.2019 (Fixed by Court) before the Hon'ble Court. As your services could not be affected through ordinary mode, Hon'ble Court has Directed for your substituted services through publication of notice in press. 2. Now therefore, you are hereby informed to appear before the Hon'ble Court in person, through an attorney Advocate on fixed dated plead your cause. 3. If you or your counsel fails to appear before Hon'ble Court on given date, case will be heard and decided in your absence and no excuse thereof shall be acceptable on this court. Given under my hand and seal of the Lahore High Court, Lahore this 14.05.2019. (Imran Safdar), Deputy Registrar Writ, Lahore High Court, Lahore.Read more


IN the Court of Mr. Naseer Rasheed, Civil Judge, Mandi Bahuddin. Suit for declaration, permanent injunction. Title: Nazar Muhammad. Versus. Province of the Punjab etc. To, Irshad Ahmad, Tasawar, Javaid, Mazhar (sons) Riffat daughter Rasoola Bibi (widow) Muhammad Aslam, Ghulam Ali, Khizar Hayat s/o Atta Muhammad, Muhammad Aslam (husband), Muhammad Ashraf, Muhammad Akram, Muhammad Walayat sons of Sardara Bibi, Moazam Bibi (widow), Aysha Bibi d/o Muhammad Anayat Mutwaffi, Muhammad Sharif, Ghulam Abbas sons Maqsood Bibi, Samia Bibi d/o Sardara Mutwafia, Ghulam Rasool, Nazir Ahmad sons Anwar Bibi, Shehnaz Bibi d/o Mutalli, Umar Hayat, Muhammad Afzal sons Fatima Bibi, Sardara Bibi, Amna Bibi d/o Ali Muhammad, Mukhtar Ahmad, Sikandar Khan sons Fatima Bibi, Muhammad Aslam (husband), Musarrat Bibi, Azmat Bibi, Asmat Bibi (daughters), Azmat Farooq s/o Arshad Bibi, Mohsin, Ahsan sons of Almaroof Munni d/o Muhammad Akram husband Anwar Bibi, caste Gondal, resident Badshah Pur, Tehsil Malakwal, Muhammad Razzaq, Muhammad Azam sons Maqsood Bibi, Shehnaz Bibi, Ansar Bibi d/o Nazir Muhammad Mutawaffi, Muhammad Munawar, Muhammad Aslam, Aftab Ahmad, Mustjab Ahmad sons Munaza Shaheen, Musarat Bibi, Afifa Bibi, Shafia Bibi daughters Iffat Bibi widow Salehon Muhammad, castes Gondal, resident Sahna, Tehsil Malakwal, Distt. Mandi Bahauddin. You are directed to appear in court on date 20-05-2019 at 8am. Otherwise exparte initiated against you. Civil Judge, Mandi Bahauddin.Read more


IN the Court of Mr. Rashid Shabbir, Civil Judge 1st Class, Chichawatni. Misl No. Year 2019. Dawa istaqrare haq moa hukmay imtanhe dowami. Title case: Nosher etc. Versus. Muhammad Zain (minor) etc. Notice to: Muhammad Zain (minor) s/o Liaqat Ali, Liaqat Ali s/o Akbar, castes Jatt Sipra, r/o Chak No. 120/7-ER, Teh. Chichawatni, Distt. Sahiwal. Whereas service of defendants/respondents is not going to be effected through ordinary means. So, service of defendants/respondents be effected through proclamation in the newspaper. You defendants/respondents are directed to appear in the court in person or through counsel on 20-05-2019 at 8:00am, failing which, ex-parte proceedings shall be initiated against you. Given under my hand and the seal of this court. Civil Judge 1st Class, Chichawatni.Read more