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I, Muhammad Saad S/o Muhammad Jameel, holding CNIC No. 42201-2016309-7 have cancelled and revoked all powers of attorneys / authorities given by me in the name of Mr. Sohail A Sattar S/o Nawab Abdul Sattar, holding CNIC No.42201-1810944-7 by virtue of any registered and / or unregistered powers of attorneys or any other deed / instrument including General power of Attorney bearing Registered No. 823, Book No. IV, duly registered with Sub-Registrar Jamshed Town II, Karachi on 12/11/2018,given in respect of and concerning plot bearing survey No. 395, Survey Sheet No. J.M.2, according to Municipal Record, Bearing Survey No. 27/2, Sheet J.M.2, measuring 1122 Sq. yards, situated at Cosmopolitan Cooperative Housing Society, Jamshed Quarters, Karachi wherein a project known as "NEW TOWN RESIDENCY " is being constructed, as he has acted in violation of my rights. The General Power of Attorney had also been revoked through a separate revocation of General Power of Attorney dated 29/05/2019, copy of the same was sent and conveyed to the Attorney, Sohail A Sattar, Sub- Registrar II, Jamshed Town, Mukhtiarkar Jamshed Town and Officials of KMC, through letters dated 30/05/2019. All persons / institutions are hereby warned not to enter into any negotiation and / or transaction jointly or severally with Mr. Sohail A Sattar S/o Nawab Abdul Sattar, holding CNIC No. 42201-1810944-7 including his sub-attorneys / agents in respect of and concerning above mentioned plot and project as the said negotiation / transaction on the basis of the said powers of attorneys / authorities shall be deemed and considered void and without lawful authority from me and I shall not be responsible and / or liable for such negotiations or agreements in any manner whatsoever. Contact Address: House No. 31/2, Amil Colony 2, Abdul Kalam Azad Road, Jamshed Road, Karachi. Contact No: 0300-9275544, 0317-7117113.

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BADARUNNISA Wd/o Late Haroon Mianoor was co-owner of Residential House on Plot No. 17/133, measuring 587 sq. yards, Block-3, Faran Cooperative Housing Society Limited, Karachi expired at Karachi on 15th January, 2018, leaving behind us as her only surviving legal heirs. Application for mutation is being submitted. Objections and claims if any should be sent to (1) Honorary Secretary, Faran Cooperative Housing Society Ltd, Karachi Central Coop: Bank Bldg, Ali Akbar Square Near N.B.P, Bahadur Shah Zafar Road, Karachi (2) Managing Director, Karachi Cooperative Housing Societies Union Limited, Shaheed-e-Millat Road, Karachi (3) Section Officer, Ground Rent Section, Ministry of Housing & Works, Ground Floor, Room Nos. 1,2 & 4, Women Hostel, Opp: Police Headquarter, Garden Road, Karachi and (4) the undersigned under Registered A/D Cover along with documentary evidence within seven days from the date hereof failing which claims or objections if any shall be deemed to have been waived and mutation/transfer shall be completed in our names. (1) Muhammad Ashraf Mianoor S/o Late Haroon Mianoor (2) Muhammad Hamza Mianoor S/o Late Haroon Mianoor (3) Farida Usman Jumani W/o Late Muhammad Usman Jumani (4) Khadija Taufiq W/o Muhammad Taufiq (5) Fatima Samad W/o Abdul Samad and (6) Mohammad Khalid Mianoor S/o Late Haroon Mianoor, all residents of House No. 17/133, Block No.3, Faran Cooperative Housing Society, Karachi.Read more


I, Muneeb Imtiaz S/o Imtiaz Ahmed, CNIC: 42201-8766472-3, R/o Karachi, has contracted to purchase Flat No. 202, Second floor, measuring 1200 sq.ft. Plot No. 14-C, Ittehad lane-8, Phase-VI, DHA, Karachi, from Mrs. Farina Imran W/o Imran Akhtar CNIC: 42101-1705054-8, R/o Karachi, free from all encumbrances, objections of whatsoever nature. Anybody, Bank, authority having any claim, objection, should notify me or Sub-Registrar-I, Clifton Town, Karachi, within seven days of this publication, otherwise transaction shall be completed. 0321-2126127.Read more


BY the order of Collector of custom the Auction of fresh / leftover Lots will be held at different sheds, motor shed Westwharf from 26/09/2019 27/09/2019 at 10 am under Schedule 07/2019 & auction rule "as is where is basis". Items:- Vehicles, Crane, Chemical, Ceramic Tiles Clothing, Auto Parts, PVC Plastic etc. Successful bidders will pay 25% amount on the spot & 75% + 10% income tax within seven days for schedule www.fbr.gov.pk/auction. Auctioneer Moinuddin Chishti Proprietor Fariduddin Chishti 0334-3238914.Read more