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I have contracted to Purchase Flat No. A-2, First Floor, 900 square feet, Plot No. 25-C, Zamzama Commercial Lane No. 4, Phase-V, DHA, Karachi, from Mr. Sohail Iqbal S/o Mr. Kachkol Khan, CNIC No. 42000-0571512-1, resident of Karachi, free from all dues, claims, etc. Any person / bank / authority having any claim / objection should notify to me and Sub Registrar-I, Clifton Town, Karachi, within 07 days. Other wise transaction will be completed in favour of me Mrs. Ishrat Fatima Ghazi. Cell: 0334-3656070.

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THE client of AL KARIM CAPITAL ESTATE purchase Plot No. 677 Precinct 6, measuring 250 square yards BTKP-GAK1747 from Mrs. Nuzhat Akbar W/o Akbar Ali Bhatti CNIC No. 3660362302142 resident of Lahore. Free from all claims, disputes, outstanding dues and surcharges. Any person or authority having any claim whatever should notify administrator Bahria Town Karachi and our office 6C 4th floor main Sunset Lane Ph 2 Ext DHA Karachi within three days Faisal Sherwani 0321-2067671 Farhan Hijazi 0321-2997686 Tel: 35381443.Read more


NOTICE is hereby given to all concerned that Mr. Syed Mohsin Hussain Rizvi (bearing CNIC No. 42201-2226041-9) passed away on August 17, 2013 in Karachi. The late Mr. Syed Mohsin Hussain Rizvi was 100% owner of a property located at 26, New Karachi Co-operative Housing Society, Block-III, Karachi , measuring 968 square yard. The late Mr. S.M.H. Rizvi left behind the following five living heirs to this property. Mrs. Sultana Rizvi (Wife) bearing CNIC No. 42201-4905629-8, Mr. Shaheryar Rizvi (Son) bearing CNIC No. 91509-0212153-9, Mr. Adnan M. Rizvi (Son) bearing CNIC No. 42201-2696798-3, Mr. Shahab Rizvi (Son) bearing CNIC No. 42201-7372422-3 and Mr. Ali. E. Rizvi (Son) bearing CNIC No. 915090-130436-7. The Honourable High Court of Sindh has already granted "Letters of Administration" in the name of Shahab Rizvi (Son of deceased) to apply for transfer / mutation of the said property in the name of all surviving heirs, who applied to the Secretary, New Karachi Co-Operative Housing Society Ltd, Managing Director, Karachi Co-Operative Housing Society Union Ltd and the Section Officer, Ministry of Works and Housing Islamabad / Karachi, for transfer / mutation of the said property in the name of all surviving heirs of Syed Mohsin Hussain Rizvi, as named in the afore-stated. Anyone having claim / objection to the transfer / mutation of the property to the surviving heirs of the late Syed Mohsin Hussain Rizvi, are hereby advised to contact the relevant authorities within 07 days of the publication of this notice as, after this date, no claim / objection will be either entertained or maintainable and the said property will be transferred to the surviving heirs of late Syed Mohsin Hussain Rizvi.Read more


DIESEL GENERATORS from stock 01-1000 KVA with installation and maintenance services available. S.M. Jaffer & Co., Karachi. Phone: 32850780, Fax: 32851162.Read more