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IN the Court of Javed Iqbal Sipra, ADDL Session Judge, Islamabad. Appeal. Raja Faisal Jamshed vs M. Yousaf etc. To, Khatija Khanum widow, Safdar Zaman, Usman, Yasmin Jan, Shamim Yousaf, Kalsom, legal heirs, M. Yousaf, R/o 1 Oxford Road Moseley Birmingham, B139EJ, West Midlands UK, Sarder Hussain Qureshi s/o Allah Din, H. NW 457A, St 7, Raja Sultan, Rawalpindi. It is proclaimed if the said defendant does not appear personally or through duly authorised agent or pleader in this court on 23-09-2019 at 08:00 A-M, to defend the case against him, an ex-parte proceedings will be taken against him / her.

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