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ALHAMDULILLAH our client has contracted to purchase Apartment No. 402 4th Floor measuring 2000 square feet in building constructed on Plot 129.C main 24th Commercial Street Phase 2 Ext DHA Karachi from Suresh Kumar S/o Ram Chand Hindu R/O Karachi CNIC 45101-397055-1 free from all claims dues taxes liabilities any persons banks Authorities having any claim objection should notify to us or Sub-Registrar Clifton town 1 Karachi within 7 days Naveed Khan Khan Estate & Builders 24th Commercial Street Phase 2, 0332-2106135, 35393181+2.

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THE public is hereby notified that our client has agreed to purchase an Leasehold industrial cum Residential Open Bifurcated Plot of Land Bearing Survey No. 240, at Naclass No. 24 measuring 2420 Sq Yards., Situated in Deh Deh Korangi Town, (Newly District Korangi, Karachi) the said property from Mr. Sheikh Zaheer Ahmed S/o Sheikh Muhammad Saleem, Muslim adult holding CNIC No. 42301-9913542-7, resident of Karachi (through Niaz Estate) Free from all liens, charges and encumbrances claims or objections whatsoever and together with marketable title with vacant physical possession any person, company, authority, bank or financial institution having any claim, right, title, interest, lien or objection, whatsoever should notify the same to us along with documentary evidence under registered A/D cover within 7 seven days from the date of publication of this notice failing which any claim, lien or objection whatsoever, shall be deemed to have been waived and the sale transaction shall be completed and the above said properties validity transferred and conveyed in our client favour I.G ESTATE 021-35395208.Read more


ALHAMDULLILAH our client has contracted to purchase Residential Plot of Land bearing No. 65/1, in category "C" measuring 285 square yards (approx) with double (ground plus one) storied Bungalow constructed thereon situated in Block No. 2, KDA Scheme No-5, Clifton, Karachi from Noman Bashir Bloch S/o Muhammad Bashir Tariq CNIC No: 44101-1762399-7, legal and lawful attorney of Mr. Iqbal Dulah Khan S/o Mr. Sultan Dulah Khan CNIC No: 91104-0106453-9 R/o Karachi, free from all encumbrances, disputes, except any person / authority, having any claim / objection over said property should notify us along with documentary evidence and to the Sub-Registrar-II, Clifton Town, Karachi and Directorate of Land Management (Clifton Branch, KDA) Karachi, within (07) seven days of publication of this notice, otherwise transaction shall be completed in favour of our client. CHAUDHRY ESTATE , Tauheed Commercial Phase V, SYED KARIM SHAH 0333-3355062 .Read more


THE client of AL KARIM CAPITAL ESTATE purchase Farmhouse No. 51509293458 Sector 1, measuring 2500 square yards DHA City Oasis Karachi from Mr. Sher Muhammad Mugheri S/o Muhammad Ramzan Mugheri (L) CNIC No. 4310224737481 resident of Karachi. Free from all claims, disputes, outstanding dues and surcharges. Any person or authority having any claim whatsoever should notify Administrator DHA City Karachi and our Office 6-C, 4th floor main Sunset Lane Ph 2 Ext DHA Karachi within seven days. Asif Abdul Karim 0300-8218972, 35381443.Read more