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IT is notified for the information of General Public that house on Plot No. 209, measuring 744.40 sq. yards situated at Defence Officers Housing Scheme No.1, Malir Cantt: Karachi stands in the name of Mst. Surriya Tabassum W/o Mr. Abdul Sattar Arain. in Schedule IX-A of the CLA Rules, 1937, in the record of this office. The above-named lessee due to natural love and affection has intended to gift away the leasehold rights of above mentioned property in favor of her sons (1) Mr. Irfan Sattar, holding CNIC No. 42501-1561067-5 (2) Rizwan Sattar Arain, holding CNIC No. 42501-1560390-1, (3) Mr. Farhan Sattar, holding CNIC No. 42501-6122421-3, (4) Mr. Imran Sattar, holding NICOP No. 425011-560389-1 & (5) Mr. Salman Sattar, holding NICOP No. 425010-343745-9 all sons of Mr. Abdul Sattar, by way of Oral gift under the provision of Muhammadan law vide Declaration of Oral Gift dated 06/12/2018. 3. Anybody having objection against the transfer of leasehold rights of property mentioned above by way of Oral Gift in favor of above-named donee under the provision of Muhammadan law may file his / her objection before the undersigned within a period of fifteen (15) days from the date of publication of this Notice. The objections received after the stipulated period will not be entertained. Dy. Military Estates Officer, Karachi Circle, Karachi.

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HOUSE No. 21 Street-8 Sector-1, measuring 120 Square Yards Haroon Bahria Co-Operative Housing Society Hub River Road Karachi namely Muhammad Saeed expired on 07/12/2018 and we, Naseem Saeed (Widow) Nasir Mehmood, Saeeda Masood, Shahid Mehmood, Fareeda Saeed, Zafar Iqbal, Shazia Arif, Ayesha Absar (Sons/Daughters) are only legal Heirs of Said Deceased. We have applied for Inheritance Mutation of said Property in our names jointly. If any Person / Departments having any objections inform to OI/C NCS at Haroon Bahria Society Karachi within 7 days.Read more

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WE have contracted to release our respective shares in favour of co-partners (1) Mr. Muhammad Tariq S/o Usman, having 25% share, holding CNIC No. 42201-2299980-1 and (2) Mr. Muhammad Altaf S/o Usman, having 25% share, holding CNIC No. 42201-6774153-1, in all that leasehold rights piece and parcel of industrial plot of land bearing No. S/6, admeasuring 0.735 acre, situated at Sindh Industrial Trading Estate Limited, (SITE Area), Karachi, free from all encumbrances, liens, mortgages, dues, bills, & charges etc. with vacant peaceful possession. Any possession, bank authority having any claim or objection of whatsoever nature should notify the same to Secretary of SITE Ltd Manghopir Road, Karachi along with documentary evidence under registered AD cover / TCS within 07 days from publication hereof failing which claims line or objection if any shall be deemed to have been waived off and transfer / release of the said property shall be completed in favour of other co-partners. (1) Abdul Rasheed S/o Muhammad, holding CNIC No. 42000-7435578-1 and (2) Muhamad Ibrahim S/o Haji Muhammad, having, holding CNIC No. 42000-0558863-9.Read more