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PROPERTY ,Rental and family matters, Illegal Qabsa , Khula, Talaq, Court Marriages, Free Consultancy with Financial Support available For detail Call 021-34390826-7 mob 0316-1146575 Email

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OUR client has contracted to purchase, Plot File # A-RES 30221, Plot No. 646, Sector 3-A, measuring 500 Yards DHA City Karachi From Mr. Aamir Aslam S/o Muhammad Aslam Zafar CNIC No. 3130420515041, R/o Daharki. Free from all claims and encumbrances. Any person / Bank / authority having any objection whatsoever should notify to us & Administrator DHA City Karachi within 7 days of the publication, NOOR CORPORATION Abdul Qadir 0322-2125565.Read more


OUR client has contracted to purchase Plot No. 446-D, 18th Street, Phase-VIII, measuring 498 sq. yds., DHA, Karachi, from Mrs. Zarina Ahsan Qadeer W/o Syed Ahsan Qadeer, CNIC No.42000-0882697-4, resident of Karachi, free from all claims, liens, charges, dues, burdens, disputes, liabilities etc. Any person / Authority having any claim / objection should notify DHA Karachi and us with documentary evidence within seven days of publication of this notice. PROPERTY PRIME TIME 021-111778111, 0300-8286661.Read more


MY client has contracted to Purchase residential double storey (Ground+First Floor) TOWNHOUSE NO. 17, measuring 220 SQUARE YARDS, OR THEREABOUT IN HILL AVENUE being PART OF MAIN PLOT NO. 167 situated in Karachi Memon Co-operative Housing Society, Block 7 & 8, Karachi from MR. ZAFAR ILYAS S/O MUHAMMAD ILYAS free from all claims disputes mortgages litigations liens interest charges and encumbrances of whatsoever nature any person / authority loan given agency banks having any objection(s) should notify to me with documentary evidence through courier service within 7 days from the date hereof failing which any claim lien objection shall be deemed to have been waived and will not entertain and sale process shall be completed in favour of my client. SOHAIL SATTAR (ADVOCATE HIGH COURT) Office No. 101 First Floor Sum Sum Prime on Plot No. 190 CP Berar Society Block 7/8 Karachi.Read more