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PHOTOGRAPHY & Video by Professional & seasoned photographer for events like wedding, corporate, fashion, commercial Aroo Aree Studio. 0334-3339931.

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OUR client has contracted to Purchased Bungalow No. 10/1, Zulfiqar Street 10-A, Phase-VIII-A, measuring 500 square yards situated in Pakistan Defence Officers Housing Authority Karachi, from Syed Mohammad Samee S/o Syed Mohammad Shafi (L), Resident of Karachi (CNIC No. 42301-0715536-1) free from all, dues, taxes, litigation, disputes, suits, liabilities, charges, mortgages, utility bills, property tax of whatsoever nature. Any person, institution, banks, authority having any claim or objection should notify to Sub-Registrar-I, Clifton Town, Karachi, and undersigned along with documentary evidence under registered A/D within 3 days from the date of publication of this notice, failing which any claim or objection shall be deemed to have been waived and the transaction of the said property shall be completed favouring our client AWAN ESTATE (M. Iqbal Awan) Cell # 0333-2122052 Add: 45-C, Bukhari Lane-10, Phase-VI, DHA Karachi.Read more

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RUNNING large scale cold storage for sale including plant, machinery and land. For multinationals and corporations. Contact Mohd. at 0330-8251111.Read more


MY client has contracted to purchase of Property i.e. agriculture land admeasuring 201 acres, 31 Guntaas, Survey No. 402/1,2,3 (8-34), 391 (11-28), 378 1 to 4, 377 1 to 4 367, 1 to 4 369/2,3 (8) 331 (13-10), 329, 1 to 4, 340, 1 to 4, 353 1 to 4, 330 (15-39), 1 to 4, 354 1 to 4, 368 1 to 4, situated in Deh Samaki, Tappo Gujjo, Taluka Mirpur Sakro, District Thatta, from (1) Mr. Adnan Farhat s/o Syed Farhat Ali and (2) Mr. Kamran Farhat s/o Syed Farhat Ali, R/o: Plot No. 3114, Link Road Abbotabad, presently residing at of Plot No. 445, Block-8, Azizabad, F.B. Area, Karachi, free from all encumbrances, with peaceful vacant physical possession. Any person, authorities, bank having any claim lien burden over the said property / any objection should notify (1) undersigned and (2) Mukhtiarkar, Gujjo, Taluka Mirpur Sakro, District Thatta, along with documentary evidence under registered A/D within seven (7) days failing which any claim, lien, objection shall be deemed to have been waived and the Sale Deed will be executed in favour of my client. ZAINUDDIN SHAIKH ADVOCATE, 511, Al-Rehmat Trade Centre, Opp: City Courts, Karachi and Suite No. G-1, Ground Floor, Signature Villa, near Bilal Masjid, MAMCH Society, Karachi.Read more