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MOHATTA PALACE MUSEUM CURRENT EXHIBITIONS GROUND FLOOR MAKLI: SYMPHONIES IN STONE A spectacular visual record of the tombs and mausolea at Makli, a world heritage site. FIRST FLOOR IMRAN MIR: ALCHEMIST OF LINE Selected works by one of Pakistan's premiere modernists. Museum Timings: Tuesday - Sunday 11:00 am - 6:00 pm Closed on Mondays for information please call 35837669, 35374879

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OUR client has contracted to purchase Plot No. 264, Sector 5-B, measuring 500 square yards, DHA City, Karachi from Col Hammad Nazir Son of Nazir Hussain, CNIC No. 56503-1851850-7, resident of Karachi. Any person / authority having any claim over the said property should notify office of transfer and record DHA City, Karachi, with written evidence within (7) days. FOUNDATION ESTATE , 0321-9998370.Read more


OUR Client has contracted to purchase Flat No. 203, 2nd Floor, Corner measuring 1400 sq ft, Plot No. 22-C, Bokhari Commercial lane-12, Phase VI, DHA, Karachi from Muhammad Naeem Shaikh S/o Shaikh Fazal Ur Rehman CNIC: 42301-4704246-1 R/O Karachi, free from all claims, dues, taxes, liabilities. Any person / bank / authority having any objection whatsoever should notify us / Sub registrar-I Clifton Town Karachi within 07 days of this publication otherwise transaction shall be completed in favour of our Client. LANDMARK Properties Taha 0332-2998123.Read more


MY client has contracted to purchase Hall at first floor, measuring 1017 square feet, Constructed on Plot No. 19-C, Kh-e-Shamsheer, Phase-V-Extension, D.H.A, Karachi, free from all disputes, suits, demands, dues, hindrances, loans, liens, mortgages and encumbrances of whatsoever nature, with complete physical vacant possession from its owner Mr. Harish Kumar Vankwani, Holder of CNIC No. 42301-4665026-1, Any person, body or authority, having any claim, right, title, interest or share of any nature whatsoever in the said property or any objection to the said sale should notify to Sub Registrar I, Clifton Town, Karachi, and the undersigned, along with documentary evidence under Registered Post with acknowledgement due within seven days from the date of publication of this notice, failing which claims, lien or objections if any shall be deemed to have been waived and the said property shall be conveyed and transferred in favour of my client. Imran Magrani Advocate High Court 0333-2389545, A-607 & 707, Saima Trade Towers, I.I. Chundrighar Road, Karachi.Read more