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OUR client has contracted to purchase DOUBLE STOREY BUNGALOW NO. 484-E 19 STREET PHASE VIII B MEASURING 500 YARD DHA Karachi from Mr. Khursheed Ahmed Khan S/o Mujeebur Rehman Khan CNIC 420007-993188-9 Any person, bank, authority having any Claim / Dues / Liens / objections, over this property should notify to Sub Registrar-I, Clifton Town, Karachi & Us along with documentary evidence within seven days of this publication failing which any claim, objection should be deemed to have been waived and transfer shell be completed in favour of our client. AK REAL ESTATE DHA Phase-II "A" Market. 0300-8214980.

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THE client of AL KARIM CAPITAL ESTATE purchase Plot No. 677 Precinct 6, measuring 250 square yards BTKP-GAK1747 from Mrs. Nuzhat Akbar W/o Akbar Ali Bhatti CNIC No. 3660362302142 resident of Lahore. Free from all claims, disputes, outstanding dues and surcharges. Any person or authority having any claim whatever should notify administrator Bahria Town Karachi and our office 6C 4th floor main Sunset Lane Ph 2 Ext DHA Karachi within three days Faisal Sherwani 0321-2067671 Farhan Hijazi 0321-2997686 Tel: 35381443.Read more


OFFICE of the Civil / Family Judge and Judicial Magistrate, Mirpurkhas. Family Execution No: 01 of 2019 (In Family Suit No. 173 of 2015) Mst. Kiran Chandas W/o Robin Obed, D/o Premchand, Christian adult, R/o Saint Treaseas Hospital, District Mirpurkhas ......... Plaintiff / D.H. Versus Robin Obed S/o Daniel Parvaiz R/o Total E & P United Kingdom Limited Scotland Total House Tarland Road West Hill Aberdeen AB 32, 65Z U.K. Cell No: 00441224297000, 0044756486668 as well as through Attorney Sarfraz Anthony S/o Chiragh Din Khokhar R/o House No. 48 Tahir Plaza, City Courts, Karachi ........ Defendant /J.D. To, the above named Defendant/J.D. Whereas the above named Plaintiff / Decree Holder has filed Family Execution against you before this Court. And whereas the process / notices could not be served upon you through ordinary course therefore, through this newspaper notice you are hereby informed that if you have any objections on the above mentioned Family Execution filed by the above named plaintiff / Decree Holder, you may file your objections, if any, in person or through an authorized Advocate on your behalf before this Court on the date of hearing fixed on 22-07-2019 at 8:30 a.m. and in case of our absence the matter would be heard and decided ex parte. Given under my hand and seal of this Court this 06th day of July, 2019. By Order Reader Civil/Family Judge and Judicial Magistrate, Mirpurkhas.Read more


MOHATTA PALACE MUSEUM CURRENT EXHIBITION MAKLI: SYMPHONIES IN STONE A spectacular visual record of the tombs and mausolea at Makli, a world heritage site. Time: 5.00 to 6.00 pm Museum Timings: Tuesday - Sunday 11:00 am - 6:00 pm Closed on Mondays For information please call 35837669, 35374879 mohattapalacemuseum@yahoo.com www.mohattapalacemuseum.comRead more