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IN The Court of Raja Tahir Aziz Sahib, Tehsildar / Assistant Collector Class 1, Tehsil Hazro, District Attock. Suit No. 1. Mst. Sabira etc vs Soba Khan etc. Suit No.2. Mst. Sabira etc Suba Khan etc. Suit No.3. Mst. Sabira etc Suba Khan etc. Suit No.4. Mst. Sabira etc Suba Khan etc. Suit No.5. Mst. Sabira etc Suba Khan etc. Suit No.6. Mst. Sabira etc Suba Khan etc. Suit No.7. Mst. Sabira etc Suba Khan etc. Application for Land Partition with Khewat No. 611, 617, 619, 620, 964, 3363, 4815, Situated at Village Daftar Ghour Ghushti, Tehsil Hazro, District Attock. Notice to: 1. Suba Khan, 2. Mir Alam Khan (late) S/o Shabanchi Khan (late) with living heirs, 2A. Saeed Akhtar Khan son, 2B. Nighat Sultana, 2C. Shagufta Bibi, 2D. Kalsoom Bibi daughters, 3. Muhammad Khan, 4. Aksar Khan (late) s/o Khan Bahadar (late) through heirs, 4A. Nighat Sultana, 4B. Umer Farooq son, 4C. Bibi Asma, 4D. Bibi Amina, 4E. Tayyaba, 4F. Tasmia, 4G. Tahir, 4H. Maria daughters of Aksar Khan (late), 5. Qadar Jan (late) D/o Khan Bahadar (late) through heirs, 5A. Tariq Zaman, 5B. Ahmed Faraz sons, 5C. Sughra Bibi, 5D. Aziz-un-Nisa, 5E. Shehnaz (late) daughters of Qadar Jan through heirs, 5Ei. Ameen Aksan Khan (husband late), 5Eii. Rashid Ameen son, 5Eiii. Umaira Bibi, 5Eiv. Sumaira Bibi daughters (late), 6. Bibi Khanam (late) through heirs, daughter of Khan Bahadar, 7. Taj Malook (late) s/o Serwer Khan (late) through heirs, 7A. Aziz-un-Nisa widow, 7B. Muhammad Ejaz Khan, 7C. Hussain Malook Khan sons, 7D. Rukhsana Shaheen, 7E. Bibi Taj, 7F. Salima Bibi, 7G. Zainab Bibi daughters of Taj Malook (late), 8. Anwer Khan, 9. Saif-ul-Malook, 10. Muhammad Afsar, 11. Sadiq Khan sons, 12. Zakia Khanam d/o Serwer Khan, 13. Ghulam Haider s/o Akbar Khan through heirs, 13A. Parveen widow, 13B. Ansar Khan, 13C. Sharafat Zaman, 13D. Tufail Khan, 13E. Abid sons, 13F. Javeria Begum, 13G. Azra Begum, 13H. Afreed-un-Nisa, 13I. Rehna Begum, 13J. Wakeel-un-Nisa daughters of Ghulam Haider (late), 14. Shaukat Zaman s/o Sajawal Khan, 15. Shamroz Khan, 16. Muhammad Riaz sons Akbar Khan, 17. Asghar Khan s/o Muzafar Khan through heirs, 17A. Javed Khan, 17B. Zahid Khan, 17C. Mehmood Khan sons, 17D. Sabreen Bibi, 17E. Yasmeen Bibi, 17F. Umreen Bibi d/o Asghar Khan (late), 18. Waris Khan, 19. Qasim Khan, 20. Muhammad Ishaq, 21. Hassan Farooq, 22. Serwer Khan son, 23. Qamar Wali d/o Izzat Khan, 24. Yousaf s/o Hayat Ullah, 25. Sahib Jee widow, 26. Ghafoor Khan, 27. Dilawar Khan sons, 28. Marjan, 29. Noor Jahan daughters of Kala Khan, 30. Azmat Jan wife of Abdullah Khan, 31. Muhammad Anwer s/o Syed Akbar, 32. Munawar Khan, 33. Sajawal Khan sons of Feroz Khan, 34. Nimat Khan s/o Khawas Khan, 35. Mir Afsar s/o Sharif Khan, 36. Musa Khan, 37. Shah Nawaz sons of Syed Zaman, 38. Bilqees d/o Shabanchi Khan, 39. Muhammad Zaman, 40. Sakhawat Ameen, 41. Muhammad Ayaz, 42. Muhammad Taj, 43. Muhammad Arshad Khan sons of Aman Khan, 44. Anwer Khan s/o Shah Nawaz, 45. Safdar Zaman, 46. Sher Afsar sons of Zarif Khan, 47. Fazal Jan widow, 48. Muhammad Sadiq, 49. Muhammad Rafiq, 50. Muhammad Rafaqat, 51. Abdul Qayum sons, 52. Qadar Jan, 53. Shahadat Jan, 54. Barish daughters of Sharif Khan, 55. Azmat Jan wife of Abdur Rehman, 56. Muhammad Anwer s/o Syed Akbar, 57. Bibi Ratwan widow of Banaras, 58. Taj Ali Shah, 59. Mushtaq Ali Shah sons, 60. Sabira Bibi, 61. Shaheen, 62. Zainab Jan daughters of Banaras Shah, 63. Phal Shah, 64. Haqeeqat Shah sons of Zuhr Ali Shah, 65. Ahmed Ali Shah s/o Mushtaq Ali Shah, 66. Muhammad Amanat son of Sharif Khan, 67. Mansab Khan, 68. Qamar Zaman sons, 69. Bibi Arab, 70. Bibi Safdar, 71. Bibi Musarat Khatoon, Residents of Dhaftar Ghour Ghushti, 72. Hashim Khan son, 73. Zuhri d/o Soboor Khan s/o Ghafur Khan, 74. Sher Afsar husband, 75. Muhammad Zaman son of Hassan Khan, 76. Saadat Khan s/o Aman Khan, 77. Bilqees d/o Shabanchi Khan, 78. Munawar Khan s/o Zarif Khan, 79. Muhammad Taj s/o Muhammad Zaman, 80. Muhammad Arshad s/o Amanat Khan, 81. Waseelo alias Zubaida d/o Noor Khan, 82. Zaman Khan s/o Hazir Khan, Residents of Daftar Ghour Ghushti, Tehsil Hazro, District Attock. Whereas in the above mentioned case it has been proved to the satisfaction of the court that the above mentioned defendant cannot be served in the ordinary way, it is, therefore, proclaimed under Order 5, Rule 20 CPC that if the said defendant will / shall not appear personally or through a duly authorized agent or pleader in court on 29/07/2019, the proceedings will be taken ex-parte. No arguments of any nature shall be entertained thereafter. Tehsildar / Assistant Collector Class-1 Hazro.

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IN the Court of Sidra-Tun-Nisa Sahiba, Civil Judge Rawalpindi. Suit for Specific Performance of Agreement and Permanent Injunction. Ch Liaquat Ali versus Mst. Qamar Ul Nisa widow of Sher Afzal Khan, R/o House No. L-212, Street No.2, Mohallah Roshan Din, Rawalpindi, presently r/o USA. In the above titled case, it is not possible to effect services of summon on the above defendant in the ordinary and easy way. Therefore, through publication, above defendants are informed to appear in this court on 12/12/2019, otherwise ex-parte proceeding will be taken against you.Read more


THE general public at large is informed that Shop No. 7, Survey No. 542/50, situated at Liaquat Bazar Peshawar Cantt. is held in the names of Mr. Aulas Khan s/o Mir Aslam (share 1/2), and Dara Shah (share 1/2), as per Cantt. Board record. That, Mr. dara Shah has handed over his share (1/2) in the said above shop to his real sons Mr. Fakhar Zaman and Arshad Khan through registered Possession Certificate document No. 4129, Bahi No.1, Volume No. 1871, dated 21/10/2004. That, Mr. Fakhar Zaman has died on 17-02-2019 and the following persons are his legal / sharai heirs, Messors: Zeeshan, Faraz Khan, Amad Khan, Mst. Bakht Mina, Maria Laiq, Sana, Aqsa Bibi and Iqra. Now, Mr. Arshad Khan etc has filed an application enclosed with Registered Possession Certificate & Letter of Administration dated 12-10-2019 in this office to transfer his share 1/2 in the above-said shop in his own name. If any person, bank or department has any objection on the transfer of said 1/2 share in the shop, he / it should inform to the undersigned about his objection with proof within 15 days of this advertisement. Later on, the transfer proceeding will be carried out in the names of the applicants and no objection will be entertained. Cantt Board, Peshawar Cantt.Read more


IN the Court of Sikandar Khan, Additional District Judge Islamabad. Sui Northern Gas Pipes Ltd, Plot No. 28-30, Sector I-9, Islamabad through its General Manager (Plaintiff) versus Munawar Sultana, R/o House No. 831, Sector G-9/1, Islamabad (Defendant). Suit for Recovery of Rs. 351,333/- on Account of Default in Payment of Gas Bills / Charges. It is proclaimed if the said defendant does not appear personally or through duly authorised agent or pleader in this court on 05-12-2019 at 08:00 A-M, to defend the case against him, an ex-parte proceedings will be taken against him / her.Read more