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OUR client has contracted to purchase Flat No. F-12, Plot No. 65-C, 12th Commercial Street, Phase-II Ext. DHA measuring 975 square feet from Mr. Munir Ahmed S/o Atta Mohammad Wasan CNIC: 45203-6864008-5 R/o Karachi, free from all dues, claims, encumbrances whatsoever nature. Anybody having any claim, objection should notify us or Sub-Registrar-I Clifton Town Karachi within 7 days of this publication after which transfer shall be done favouring our client. BIGBEN ESTATE 0333-2105597.

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BEFORE:- Mr. Muhammad Saad Qureshi (Judge) In The Banking Court No. III, at Karachi Block No. 50, Pakistan Secretariat, Near Passport Office, Saddar, Karachi Suit No. 72 of 2019 M/s. J.S. Bank Limited having registered office at Shaheen Commercial Complex Dr. Ziauddin Ahmed Road Karachi.... Plaintiff Versus Muhammad Asif Suleman Son of Muhammad Suleman Muslim, Adult, Resident of House No. 52-B/1, Khayabane Badar Phase-V, DHA, Karachi... Defendants To, The above named Defendants Whereas the Plaintiff above named has instituted a Suit against you under the Financial Institutions (Recovery of Finances) Ordinance 2001 for Rs. 67,903,993.15 balance of principle and markup due to you; you are therefore hereby summoned to obtain leave from the Court within 30 days from the service hereof to appear and defend the suit, and within such time to cause an appearance to be entered for you. In default whereof the plaintiff will be entiled at any time after the expiration of such 30 days to obtain a decree for any sum not exceeding the sum of Rs. 67,903,993.15 and sum of Rs. (not yet determined) for costs together with such markup and cost of fund, if any, from the date of institution of the suit as the Court may order. Leave to appear may be obtained on an application to the Court supported by affidavit or declaration showing that there is a defence to the suit on the merits, or that it is reasonable that you should be allowed to appear in the suit. Matter is fixed on 25th day of September 2019 at 9:00 A.M before the Banking Court-III, Karachi. Given under my hand and seal of the court this 19th day of August 2019. By Order Reader Banking Court No. III Karachi.Read more


GENERAL public is hereby informed that Mst. Amna Sohail Wife of Sohail Majeed, CNIC No. 42301-0247459-6, resident of 27/2, 8th Commercial Street, Phase IV, DHA, Karachi, has agreed to sell immovable property bearing Bungalow No. 89-A, admeasuring 300 square yards, situated at Khayaban-e-Abbasi, Phase VII, Defence Housing Authority, Karachi, to Mst. Nilofer Khan Wife of Jahanzeb Khan, CNIC No. 42000-2501350-0, resident of House No. 133, Sunrise Street No. 5, DHA, Phase VII Extension, Karachi. If any person having an interest in the said Bungalow or any part thereof by way of sale, agreement of sale, gift, lease, inheritance, exchange, mortgage, charge, lien, trust, possession, easement, attachment or in any manner whatsoever, is hereby called upon to inform in writing through TCS of his claim if any, to the undersigned at the address given below within the period of 7 days from the date of publication, failing which, the said sale transaction shall be completed by executing sale deed, without any reference to any such claim and the same, if any, shall be deemed to have been waived. Muhammad Humayon Khan (Advocate) House No. 133, Sunrise Street No. 5, DHA, Phase VII Extension, Karachi. Contact # 0346-2220600 Email: humayon_law@yahoo.comRead more


IT is notified that my client has agreed to purchase Industrial Plot No. F/627, measuring 0.25 acre (1210 square yards) and F/627-A measuring 0.25 acre (1210 square yards) situated at SITE., Karachi from Mr. Sohail Adam S/o Adam Yousuf, Muslim, adult, holding CNIC No: 4200005547003 which is free from all encumbrances, charges, mortgages, dues, taxes, disputes and outstanding issues of any nature whatsoever. Any person(s) / authority having any claim, right, title / interest in the said property should notify the same to (i) the Secretary SITE Limited, Karachi (ii) Sub-Registrar, SITE Manghopir Road, Karachi and the undersigned with documentary evidence under registered AD cover within 7 (seven) days from the date of publication of this notice failing which transfer in our favour shall be made and no claim / objection shall be entertained thereafter. Mehak Estate Plot No. E/20-C, SITE., Karachi. Contact: Mohsin Maqsood 0300-2203787, Maqsood 0300-2029909.Read more