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IT is notified for the information of the general public and all concerned that Mr. Amanullah Fakih S/o (Late) Ghulam Muhammad Fakih, who was the owner of Plot / Property No. 18/138, Block No. 3, measuring 282 Square Yards situated in the area of Kokan Muslim Co-operative Housing Society Limited, Karachi. He has expired at Karachi, on 31st October 2010, and leaving behind following legal heirs only: M/s. (1) Mrs. Zakia Fakih (Widow), (2) Mr. Abdul Haseeb Fakih (Son), (3) Mrs. Bismah Fakih W/o Mr. Abdul Basit Fakih (Daughter), (4) Mr. Muddasir Fakih (Son). Subsequently one of the legal heir Mrs. Bismah Fakih W/o Mr. Abdul Basit Fakih expired at Karachi, on 08th March 2011, and left behind following surviving legal heirs only: (i) Mr. Abdul Basit Fakih S/o Mr. Muhammad Yahya Fakih, (Husband) and (ii) Miss. Urooj Fakih D/o Mr. Abdul Basit Fakih, (Daughter) Now we the above (5 Legal Heirs) have applied for Transfer / Mutation of the said plot / property in our favour in the record of the (1) Kokan Muslim Co-operative Housing Society Limited, (2) Karachi Co-operative Housing Societies Union Limited, SNPA-15, off Shaheed-e-Millat Road, Karachi and (3) Ministry of Works & Housing Government of Pakistan, Islamabad / Karachi. Any person or organisation have any objection may file, their objection within (7) days of the publication sent to concerned departments, otherwise the above plot / property will be Transferred / Mutated in our favour. The objection received after the stipulated period will not be entertained. Add: Mrs. Zakia Fakih Wd/o Mr. Amanullah Fakih & (4) others.

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MY client has contracted to Purchase of Property Viz: Townhouse No. 8/I/B(4) (Ground+First Floor Only), measuring 235 square yards, in Residential Sub-Divided Plot of Land bearing No. 8 & 08/I, Block No. 3, Maqbool C.H Society Ltd, Karachi, from Mr. Muhammad Aslam S/o Noor Muhammad R/o Karachi, free from all encumbrances. Any person, authorities, any scheduled bank, government / semi-government or authority having any claim over the said property / any objection should notify undersigned along with documentary evidence under registered A/D within seven (7) days should reply failing which any claim, lien, objection shall be deemed to have been waived and sale deed will be executed in favour of my client. Zainuddin Shaikh Advocate, 511, Al-Rehmat Trade Centre, Opp: City Courts, Karachi and Office No. G-1, Ground Floor, Signature Villa, Plot No. 66-B, Opp. Bilal Masjid, Mohammad Ali Memorial C.H Society, Karachi. 021-34550982-83.Read more


OUR client has contracted to Purchase Bungalow # 53/II, 13th Lane, Phase-VII, measuring 500 yards DHA Karachi (with construction of double storied bungalow), free from all claims, encumbrances, mortgages whatsoever nature. Any person, bank, authority having any claim, objection should notify us / Sub-Registrar, DHA Karachi within seven days of this pubication, otherwise sale / transaction will be completed. The Property Dealers 0321-2414931.Read more


IN The Court of Shehzad Akhwan Zada, ADJ XII, Peshawar. Suit No. 67/14. Institution 17/10/2019. Qudrat Shah etc vs Abdul Salam etc. To, 4. Bilal s/o Abdul Malik, R/o USA California, 5. Mst. Khora Gula, D/o Muhammad Jan, presently residing in abroad (Respondents). The service through ordinary means is difficult, so you are informed to attend the court personally, through counsel or attorney on 18/12/2019. Avoid ex-parte proceeding.Read more