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OUR client has contracted to purchase Flat No. 0-32, Type 3C, Block-C, Third Floor, measuring 1445 square feet, Florida Homes, Plot No. 28-A/II, 33rd Street, Phase-V Ext DHA Karachi from Mr. Kamran Malana S/o Ghulam Muhammad (Late) CNIC No. 413031-642060-3 R/o Karachi through General Power of Attorney Mr. Ejaz Ali Mangi S/o Mr. Sultan Ali Mangi (Late) CNIC No. 42301-7568850-1 R/o Karachi. Free from all dues, charges, liabilities etc. Any person, bank, authority having any claim / objection should notify us/Sub Registrar-I Clifton Town Karachi within seven days of this publication. Kainat Associates Ishtiaq Khawaja 0300-2037317.

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THE client of AL-REHMAN AL-RAHIM ESTATE has contracted to purchase PLOT NO. 195A Street 16 Phase 8 measuring 666 yard from Mrs. Sumeira Nadeem Sulemani W/o Muhammed Nadeem holding CNIC No. 4230125336276 R/o Karachi free from all claims and objections, whatsoever. Any person, bank or authority having claim or objection should notify Administrator DHA Karachi and our Office Mezzanine-1, Building No. 16-C, Zamzama Comm Lane-10, Phase-V, DHA, Karachi, within seven days along with documentary evidence, failing which all claims shall be deemed to have been waived and the transaction will be completed in favour of our client HAFIZ DANIAL. 0321-2211345 SALMAN HIJAZI 0322-2211220.Read more


OUR client has contracted to purchase 125 yards, residential Plot 2410, Sector 14-B, DHA City Karachi. From Muhammad Rauf CNIC No. 4230110597049. Free from all dues / taxes / development charges / etc. Whatsoever any person / bank / authority having any claim / objection should notify us and Administrator DHA Karachi within 7 days of this publication. WAQAR ENTERPRISES Waqar Younus 0321-3826919.Read more


OUR client has contracted to purchase all that leasehold residential plot with construction of double storey Bungalow thereon bearing PLOT NO. 104/I, 9TH COMMERCIAL STREET, PHASE-IV, measuring 300 square yards or thereabout, Situated in Pakistan Defence Officer's Housing Authority, Karachi, through Parekh Estate and Arfa Associates from MR. MIR AHMED S/O SUFI SAHIB KHAN, muslim, adult, holding CNIC No. 54400-7277769-3, resident of Karachi, any person / authority having any objection should notify to Sub-Registrar I Clifton Town, Karachi, and also to the under signed within seven days, ABDUL SATTAR CHOWTAWALA , Karachi, Mobile Advocate Office No. 203, 2nd Floor, Tahir Plaza, Near City Court, No. 0300-2900800.Read more