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IN the Court of Mr. Adnan Bukhtiar Civil Judge Toba Tek Singh. Subject: Shahida Parvin V/s Province of the Punjab etc. Suit for Declaration Court Notice: Nisar Ahmad. Zahid Ahmad S/o Manzoor Ahmad. Wazir Hussain. Faqir Hussain S/o Ghulam Nabi. Gareeb Hussain. Ameer Hussain. Nazar Hussain S/o Ghulam Nabi. Ramzan Bibi D/o Ghulam Nabi W/o Muhammad Sultan. Sami Ullah S/o Faiz Rasool C/o Arain R/o Chak # 326 GB Tehsil Pir Mahal District Toba Tek Singh. Shamim Akhtar D/o Hameedan Bibi W/o Mubarak Ali C/o Arain R/o Chak # 168/10-R Tehsil and District Khanewal. Muhammad Javed S/o Khalida Parvin D/o Muhammad Yousaf C/o Arain R/o Chak # 336 GB Tehsil and District Toba Tek Singh. Balqees Akhtar (D/o Sughran Bibi) Widow of Haidar Ali R/o Chak # 289 GB Chando Patyala Tehsil and District Toba Tek Singh. Muhammad Akram Khawind. Muhammad Mubeen S/o Ayesha Parvin. Fariha Parvin D/o Muhammad Akram R/o Chak # 325 GB Azafiabadi Tehsil Pir Mahal District Toba Tek Singh. Naheed Akhtar D/o Faiz Rasool caste Arain R/o Chak # 325 GB Tehsil Pirmahal District Toba Tek Singh. If you would not appear on 28.05.2022 at 08:00 am in the court then the proceeding would be done one sided against you and after that no excuse or objection would be accepted. Therefore this ad being issued with the stamp and sing of this court.

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IN the Court of Habiba Sarfraz Civil Judge Lahore. Case No. MA 29912/1 -24-06-2022. Muhammad Tahir Subhani S/o Muhammad Fazal Kareem Asim R/o Commercial Block Sector CI Quaid-e-Azam Town House No. 4 Lahore Vs Public at Large etc. Whereas in the above titled case plaintiff has filed a suite for declaration of legal heirs of the deceased Muhammad Fazal Kareem Asim therefore through this publication the public at large are here by intimated that if any one as any objection with the matter he / she is directed to appear before this court on date 30-06-2022 otherwise expert preceding will be initiated issued on 27-06-2022.Read more


IN the Court of Rehana Kausar Civil Judge Tehsil Sohawa Dist Jhelum, Suit For Possession through Pre-emption, Case No 16, Institution 20-05-2022, Case Title Raja Muhammad Riaz vs Talib Hussain To, Talib Hussain son of Muhammad Bisharat Cast Gakhar R/o Chak Nalla Tehsil Sohawa Dist Jhelum. Whereas in the above mentioned case it has been proved to the satisfaction of the court that the above mentioned Defendant cannot be served in the ordinary way, it is, there-fore, proclaimed under order 5, Rule 20 CPC that if the said Defendant will / shall not appear personally or through a duly authorized agent or pleader in Court at 08:00 am on 18-07-2022, the proceeding will be taken ex-parte. No arguments of any nature shall be entertained thereafter. Given under my hand and the seal of this Court.Read more

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IN the Court of Muhammad Zakir Sb. Senior Civil Judge District Astore, Suit No. 19/2021, title Ishtiaq Vs. Muhammad Raheem etc. To Respondent No. 1, Muhammad Ishaq S/o Abdul Hadi, R/o Tarbeleng Tehsil & District Astore, presently lived in Saudi Arab. You are informed to attend the Court personally, through counsel or attorney on dated: 02-08-2022. Avoid Ex-parte proceeding.Read more