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LAHORE High Court, Lahore (Notice Under Section 5 Rule 20 Civil Procedure Code) Case No: Regular Second Appeal No. 236 /2016. Title: Muhammad Sher Akhtar Vs. Shah Alam etc Notice to Respondents: 1 Shah Alam Son of Khushi Muhammad represented through 1-1 Muhammad Suleman (deceased) represented through 1-1-1 Saira Bibi 1-1-2 Amna Bibi (deceased) represented through Saira Bibi (Real Sister) already imp leaded respondent No. 1-1-1. Caste Syed resident of Mirpur, Azad Kashmir 1-1-3 Irshad Bibi Daughter of Baj Caste Jut Resident of Khair Paryan, Tehsil and District Mirpur Azad Kashmir. 1-1-4 Azmat Bibi Daughter of Baj resident of Paigham Tehsil and District Mir Pur Azad Kashmir 1-1-5 Munaza Bibi Daughter of Baj resident of Chak No. 5/ Rakh Dhareema Tehsil and District Sargodha. (Chachazad Sister) 1-1-6 Abdul Khaliq (Deceased) Son of Said Bibi through: 1-1-6-1 Reshma Bihi (real Sister) Daughter of Said Bibi resident of Chak No. 308/JB Tehsil and District Toba Tek Singh. 1-1-6-2 Muhammad Nazir (Paternal Cousin) Son of Karam Ellahi resident of Chak No. 308/GB Tehsil per Mahal, District Toba Tek Singh. 2 Badar Din Son of "Ghulam Din caste Jutt resident of Chak No. 110, Shumali Sargodha. Presently residing at Chak No. 374/JB Tehsil and District Toba Tek Singh. 5 Province of Punjab through Distict Officer Revenue Sargodha. 6 Afsor Abadi Colony Estate Sargodha. Whereas the above named appellant has instituted an appeal in this Court under Section 100 CPC against the order dated 11.05.2016 passed by the Additional District Judge Sargodha and the same has been fixed for hearing before the Hon'ble Court on 16-6-2022 (Actual) F.C. You have been imp leaded as respondent in the ahove noted appeal but your service could not be affected through ordinary mode you are. Therefore hereby informed through this proclamation to appear before the Hon'ble Court 16, 6-2022 in person. through an Attorney; or a counsels, otherwise the case will be heard and decided in your absence Given under my hand and seal of the Lahore High Court, Lahore this 19 day of April 2022 Tahir Hussain Deputy Registrar (Civil) Lahore High Court Lahore .

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PUBLIC at large is informed that Mr. Aziz ur Rahman S/o Shah Sulaiman is the owner of Plot No. 56 Sector G/4 measuring 40 Marla, at ho Phase 2 Hayatabad, Peshawar he has lost original documents of the said Plot. If someone found he shall informed to Cell No. 03339104595 or the undersigned. Moreover, if any person attorney holder or any financial institution has any objection on it, he should contact the undersigned on the given phone number after publication of this advertisement within 15 days. Otherwise, duplicate papers shall be issued & later on, no claim shall be entertained. Housing Officer (HQ), PDA Hayatabad Peshawar 091-9217026-29 Ext 317, 377.Read more


IN the Court Mohammad Jawad Asif Assistant Collector Besham District Shangla Suit Partition Wazir Jana vs Nasar etc Next Hearing Date 30.06.2022 Notice to respondent (Land distribution Application) 1. Nasar Khan S/o Sabd Satar Khan 2. Bakht Afsar S/o Sabd Satar Khan Res Residents of Kerai Besham District Shangla, recent in KSA, where in the above mentioned case the mentioned defendants cannot be served in the ordinary way, it is, therefore, proclaimed that if the said defendants will/shall not appear personally or through a dually authorized agent of pleader in the Court at the court time the proceeding will be taken ex-parte given under my hand and seal of this Court.Read more

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IN the Court of Muhammad Zakir Sb. Senior Civil Judge District Astore, Suit No. 19/2021, title Ishtiaq Vs. Muhammad Raheem etc. To Respondent No. 1, Muhammad Ishaq S/o Abdul Hadi, R/o Tarbeleng Tehsil & District Astore, presently lived in Saudi Arab. You are informed to attend the Court personally, through counsel or attorney on dated: 02-08-2022. Avoid Ex-parte proceeding.Read more