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IN the Court Ch. Muhammad Asif Civil / Family Judge Pasrur Attiya etc. Versus Muhammad Subhan etc. Suite for dissolution of marriage Dila Panakarcha Nan Wanafqa. In the name of Advertising 1, Muhammad Subhan S/o Qurban Ali caste Rajpout R/o Nol Tehsil Pasrur District Sialkot are all deliberately avoiding receiving the summons in the case and are escaped. Therefore this ad is being issued for all of you. If all of you do not appear on 23-06-2022 at 8:00 am in the court the proceedings one sided would be done one sided and after that on objection and excuse would be accepted. This add is being issued by the stamp and sign of this court.

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IN the Court of Rehana Kausar Civil Judge Tehsil Sohawa Dist Jhelum, Suit For Possession through Pre-emption, Case No 16, Institution 20-05-2022, Case Title Raja Muhammad Riaz vs Talib Hussain To, Talib Hussain son of Muhammad Bisharat Cast Gakhar R/o Chak Nalla Tehsil Sohawa Dist Jhelum. Whereas in the above mentioned case it has been proved to the satisfaction of the court that the above mentioned Defendant cannot be served in the ordinary way, it is, there-fore, proclaimed under order 5, Rule 20 CPC that if the said Defendant will / shall not appear personally or through a duly authorized agent or pleader in Court at 08:00 am on 18-07-2022, the proceeding will be taken ex-parte. No arguments of any nature shall be entertained thereafter. Given under my hand and the seal of this Court.Read more


IN the Court of Shafqat Rasool Civil Judge 1st Class Lahore. Case No. MA 361/1 -27-09-2021. Suit for Recovery. Kashif Ali versus Zahid Imran Baig. Notice to the, Zahid Imran Baig S/o Mirza Muhammad Baig R/o House No. 89-B Tariq Block Garden Town Lahore Permanent R/o 4 Howell Court Princeton Juetion Nj 08550 USA. 2-Khaliq Riaz Baig S/o Mirza Muhammad Baig R/o House No. 89-B Tariq Block Garden Town Lahore Permanent R/o 1720 Rawhide Street Las Vegas Navada 89119 USA. Whereas the services of the above mentioned respondent are not possible through ordinary means. Therefore they are directed to attend this court personally or through recognized agent or through their on 08-07-2022 at 8:00 hours otherwise ex-parte proceedings shall be taken against them / him. Given under my hand and of the court on 27-06-2022.Read more


IN the Court of Mr. Qamar Zaman Tarar Civil Judge Class I Sialkot. Suite for declaration Sarwat Zulifqar etc. V/s Muhammad Sarfraz etc notice to Muhammad Sarfraz, Jasam Iqbal Sons of Muhammad Iqbal R/o Alama Iqbal Street No. 1 Near Masjid Gulzar Madeena Mohallah Naika Pura Sialkot. Whereas service of respondents is not going to be affected through ordinary means. So, services of defendants / respondents are be affected through proclamation in the newspaper. You defendants / respondents are directed to appear in the court in person or through counsel on 29-06-2022 at 08:00 am, failing which, ex-parte proceedings shall be initiated against you.Read more