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IN the Court of Khurram Saleem Mirza Additional District and Session Judge Rawalpindi. Sui Northern Gas Pipe Line Limited Versus Sajida Bibi. Suit for Recovery of Rs. 157,852/-. To, Sajida Bibi daughter / wife of not known, R/o KH. No. 2459, St No. 10 (Shikat Plaza), Block A, DK Chodrian, Rawalpindi. Whereas Respondents cannot be served in ordinary manner. It is proclaimed in this court on 22-06-2022 at 8 am ex-parte proceedings will be taken against you.

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IN the Court of Muhammad Zakir Sb. Senior Civil Judge District Astore, Suit No. 19/2021, title Ishtiaq Vs. Muhammad Raheem etc. To Respondent No. 1, Muhammad Ishaq S/o Abdul Hadi, R/o Tarbeleng Tehsil & District Astore, presently lived in Saudi Arab. You are informed to attend the Court personally, through counsel or attorney on dated: 02-08-2022. Avoid Ex-parte proceeding.Read more


IN the Court of Kaleem Ullah Civil Judge II / Ilaqa Qazi Malakat at Batkhela Case No 60/1 of 2022 Next date: 04/07/2022 Mr. Muhammad Jamil Versus Mr. Ayeen Khan & others Proclamation Against: Defendants (2/3) Mr. Niaz Ali Khan S/o Nazir Muhammad (L) Resident of Utman Khel Baghbananu Palaw Palai Tehsil Batkhela District Malakand. In the above title case the service of you above named defendants is not possible with ordinary means, hence you are hereby informed through this proclamation to attend this court on 04/07/2022 at 08:30 am in person or through appointed agent / attorney or through counsel, otherwise you shall be place and proceed against ex-parte. Sd: Kaleem Ullah Civil Judge II / Ilaqa Qazi Malakand at Batkhela.Read more


IN the Court Mohammad Jawad Asif Assistant Collector Besham District Shangla Suit Partition Wazir Jana vs Nasar etc Next Hearing Date 30.06.2022 Notice to respondent (Land distribution Application) 1. Nasar Khan S/o Sabd Satar Khan 2. Bakht Afsar S/o Sabd Satar Khan Res Residents of Kerai Besham District Shangla, recent in KSA, where in the above mentioned case the mentioned defendants cannot be served in the ordinary way, it is, therefore, proclaimed that if the said defendants will/shall not appear personally or through a dually authorized agent of pleader in the Court at the court time the proceeding will be taken ex-parte given under my hand and seal of this Court.Read more