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IQRA Driving for ladies/gents; G-10 2350500, Blue Area 2351818, Chaklala Scheme III, DHA 5951018, Gulraiz, Bahria, PWD 5508170, Peshawar Road 5562255, Lalkurti 5794449, 6th Road, Commercial Market 4933334.

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A FAMILY TOURS 10 - 18 June KUMRAT & KALAM Vally Rs. 30,500/= with KALASH Valley Rs. 38,500/=16 - 18June SKARDU, ASTORE, KHAPLU ( Deusai, Matukha, Minmirg, Rupal, Lakes Sad Para, Kauchara, Sheuser, Luluser, Shangrila) Rs 35,500/= (Transportation, Hotels, Foods) Taqi Treks. 0314-2067217, 0334-5030511.Read more


SUPERCALIFRAGILISTICEXPIALIDOCIOUS offers Guitar / Keyboard / Violin / Singing Classes / Course on doorsteps with certified Musician through Western Music Literacy. Facilitator: 0333-3056330.Read more


ABDULLAH Cleaning Services On Spot Carpet, Sofa, Chair, Curtens, Water Tank Cleaning, Fumigation, Floor Washing, Polish. 0333-3174415, 0346-2978663.Read more