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Real Estate in Defence For Sale Karachi

DEFENCE:- Phase II, Plot for Sale 520 yards close to Abubakar Masjid. Contact NAMAL ASSOCIATES (Bukhari Commercial) Muhammad Omar 0336-9999097.

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DEFENCE:- Phase VII Ext Khalid Commercial Chowkri 100 yards 3 Side Corner. Phase VIII, 500 Yards D Category west open 0300-2248150Read more

DEFENCE 500 Plot D-cutting 19th Street KALEEM KHAN 0300-8262307, 0321-8262307Read more

DEFENCE AK ASSOCIATES OFFERS PHASE-VIII, plots. Iqbal Lane-8, 100 yards. BEACH Street-5, 500 yards. Khayabane Khalid 1000 yards. FAISAL Street-1, 1000 yards. ZULFIQAR Street-19, 1000 yards. 23 STREET 1000 yards. 28 STREET, 1000 yards, 33 STREET 1000 yards. KHAYABANE Qasim 1000 yards. 30 STREET 2000 yards, PHASE-VI PLOTS Saba Khayabane Hilal non corner 500 yards, Khayabane Ittehad 1000 yards, Khayabane Hafiz 1000 yards, Khayabane Sehar, 200 yards, PHASE VII PLOTS 21 Lane 540 yards lease Khayabane Bokhari 636 yards, PHASE IV PLOTS, 5th Commercial Street 300 yards. All plots are direct with for details party meeting. 0304-3491160, TALHA KHALID.Read more