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House in F-11 For Sale Islamabad

F-11/2: Double Road, 666 yards old house, sun facing, 7 bedrooms, 8.50 crores final. Contact: RAPID REALTORS, 0335-2211099.

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F-7: 1000 and 2000 syds houses with good location, reasonable price. Multiple options in (500 syds to 2500 syds) in F-6, E-7, F-8 also available. 0333-5457800.Read more

F-11/3: 500 yards, GROUND FLOOR, 3 bedrooms, D/D, lounge, servant quarter, marbled flooring, 120,000/-. Contact: RAPID REALTORS, 0335-2211099.Read more

F-11/3: 500 yards house, 5 bedrooms, D/D, solidly built, nice location, reasonable price. Contact: RAPID REALTORS, 0335-2211099.Read more