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MISSING/LOST document lost my commercial Pilots License # 3196 issued under CAA Pakistan. If found please contact # 0333-5391602.

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MATCH required for lady doctor working in Government Hospital Kuwait. Sunni boy around 34 with professional qualification and based Overseas not Pakistan. Contact at: he-is-needed@hotmail.comRead more


GIRL 30 years, 5'-5", Kashmiri (doctor) USME completed, applied for Residency in America. Contact: MRS. MASOOD 0345-4479974.Read more


GIRL, Doctor Agha Khan Medical College, age 23 years, 5'4". Girl, 25 years, Syed, in England, Graduate from LUMS. Girl, 27 years, 5'5", Masters in Computer Sciences from LUMS. Girl, 24 years, Rajpoot, BSc Honors from FAST (well known business family). Kashmiri Girl, Doctor, 30 in America, boy should be Doctor. Girl, Rajpoot, 29 years, 5'5", Master from LUMS. Girl, Kashmiri, 25 years, 5'6", Doctor, required boy Doctor or Engineer. Girl 22 years, 5'.6", (architect). Girl 30 years, 5'.6", very pretty girl, MBA from LSE. Girl 25 year 5'6 (ACCA). Girl doctor, age 32, 5.6", very pretty, from elite family. Girl Kashmiri, 25 years, 5'4", father (businessman). Girl 32 year, 5'.4", graduate, very pretty. Girl 35 year, 5'.6" in (Saudi Arabia). Girl 24 years, 5'-6", very pretty, CA. Contact: MRS. MASOOD 0345-4479974.Read more