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I, Faryal Zaffar D/o Mohammad Zaffar Tahir Student ID No. 2006-1-67-6226, CNIC No. 42000-3911961-4 have misplaced my original degrees finder of this documents is required to return it to the Institute of Business Management, Korangi Creek, Karachi. Contact No. 111 002 004 Ext. 323.

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1280 shares of M/s. GlaxoSmithKline Pakistan Limited in the name of Saeed Ahmad S/o S.M Iqbal under Folio # 4953 (details given below) have been lost. If no claim / objection is lodged within 7 days with Share Registrar, Central Depository Company of Pakistan Limited, CDC House, 99-B, Block-B, SMCHS, Sharae Faisal, Karachi, duplicate share certificates will be issued by company to the shareholder concerned. (Folio # 4953) (Certificate # 10003869) (No. of Certificates - 1) (Distinctive # From 263563561 - To - 263564840) (No. of Shares - 1280)Read more


PROFESSIONALLY educated and nicely placed aged upto 34 working in Kuwait / UAE / Oman / UK. Contact to Wed Lady Dr. 30 in Kuwait. overseas-pakistani@hotmail.comRead more


BOY, age 30, Sunni, Bank Officer, girl required with whom boy can live with girl's family in their own house. Email: rishtarequired123@gmail.comRead more