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DAUGHTER 25 BDS + Lecturer in Medical University, parents of Armed forces and professionals to Email: msaeedun@yahoo.com

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CLIFTON Women Welfare Society (Regd.) 1982 for matrimonial social service in Karachi / America also. Mrs. MUMTAZ QURESHI 35873757, 0301-2433718. 0333-2433768, www.bestrishtay.comRead more


THIS is to declare that the file of 2009 Honda Civic, Registration number, ASK 964 Registered to Syed Subuk Jawed Shah, of NIC # 423013-2890085 has been misplaced.Read more


I Laila D/o Farid Nayani Student ID No. 2006-2-8-5933 CNIC No. 42201-8180108-6 Program BS (JH) and MBA have misplaced my original transcripts. The finder of these documents is requested to return it to the Institute of Business Management, Korangi Creek, Karachi, Contact No. 111-002-004 Ext. 323.Read more