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DAUGHTER 25 BDS + Lecturer in Medical University, parents of Armed forces and professionals to Email: msaeedun@yahoo.com

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FACILITATION Extended to only educated families with respectable background can with confidence contact: Mrs. Salma Matloob 021-35876401, 0336-2225664, 0345-2424914.Read more

Karachi Lahore Islamabad

DAUGHTER - beautiful, Doctor of Pharmacy, 33 Yrs/5'6" & Son - Handsome, Surgeon, 39 Yrs/5'11". Both Unmarried & US citizen. Belongs to respectable family. Match from Sunni Doctor, Dentist, Engineer of decent & respectable families, Contact: sfsaquib@hotmail.com or +18183378360.Read more


ALL sects language, single / divorced, local / posh areas / abroad all countries well educated decent matches available. Mrs. Jaffery 0333-2014475.Read more