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DAUGHTER 25 BDS + Lecturer in Medical University, parents of Armed forces and professionals to Email: msaeedun@yahoo.com

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I Ambreen Masood W/o Saqib Iqbal Adenwalla Student ID 2005-3-53-5085 CNIC 42301-2020829-0 have misplaced my original Degree / Transcript. Finder of this document is requested to return it to the Institute of Business Management, Korangi Creek, Karachi. Contact: 111-002-004 Ext 323.Read more


GWADAR: Gwadar Plot PDS # 4385 Allotment No. CG/1-A/0256/97, Plot PDS # 5048 Allotment No. CG/1-A/0095/97 Singhar Housing Scheme Gwadar in the name of Abdul Wahid S/o Muhammad Kareem CNIC# 52301-0318045-9 the documents have been lost in Washbood Panjguar. If found contact Mr. Abdul Wahid. Mobile: 0334-2412138.Read more


OPEN file of Bharia Paradise 250 yards Form No. 44700 has purchased through Ali Saqlain (Real Estate) with 3 installments paid. Any person having claim please contact Muslim Ali Bandeali on 0321-8236769 or Mrs. Rehana Shakoor on 0335-2679402.Read more