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FOR best proposals of Doctor male & female from any caste and age inland and abroad contact: MRS. MASOOD 0345-4479974.

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FAMILIES settled abroad whose sons/daughter are Doctors / Engineer / CA / PhD / M.Com / Scholarship holder. Contact: Mrs. Noor 0300-4610308.Read more


GIRL, 23 years, very pretty, BSc Hon's, Sheikh. Girl, 30 years, groomed, pretty, Bachelor Hon's. Girl, 23 years, pretty, Doctor of Therapy. Girl, 28 years, Bachelor Hon's, Jatt, good height. Girl, 26 years, very pretty, Bachelor Hon's, Nikkah finished without rukhsati.ZARI AWAN 0303-4016763.Read more

Karachi Lahore Islamabad

47 Male 56 PHYSICIAN Pak Origin, well settled in USA never married, no kids, non-religious, liberal, travel enthusiast looking for lifetime companion with similar interests. Email: TXT +1415 855 0973.Read more