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SYED Sunni girl, highly educated, belong to well settled family, age 27, is looking for a match from only Syed Sunni family. Contact:

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GOVT. Officer proposal. I am looking for extra-beautiful bride from noble middle class family for 27 years well-mannered, well-groomed and good looking son, height 5'.8", drawing 150,000 salary. Email: more


BOY, 30 years, army background, LUMS, multinational job. Boy, 29 years, UK national, owner of 2 banks in London, well settled. Boy, 29 years, MBA, Urdu speaking. Boy, 37 years, Doctor surgeon, late marriage. Boy, 28 years, KE doctor, Jatt. Boy, 31 years, LUMS Graduate, well settled business, Rajput. Zari Awan 0303-4016763.Read more


50 years, divorced, well educated, armed forces officer. Seeking proposal well settled lady from nobel family. m.yameen2011@gmail.comRead more