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DAUGHTER 24 5'6" MBBS Canadian National. Daughter 27 5'7" MS Electrical Engineer. MRS SARDAR: 051-2306003, 0301-5713980.

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BANDHAN HOUSE an established & registered organization is committed to channelize compatible proposals for bureaucrat ,forces, foreign settled business family' sons and daughters please contact credencely as your privacy is our priority Mrs Attia (director) 051 2111230 051 2111229 03005553137 office 9 ground floor Abu Dhabi Towers F-11 Markaz Islamabad.Read more


BRITISH National Son 32 CA highly Paid (UK) Father Brig family settled DHA Karachi. Australian National Son 28 Electrical Engineer. Only son 28 Captain Engineer BANDHAN HOUSE -051-2111229,0300-5553137.Read more


SON 30 MBBS Residency (USA). Son 33 MBBS Cardiologist Shifa. Son 38 USA Citizen Divorcey MBBS General Physician. Son 40 American citizen unmarried MBBS Gastroenterologist BANDHAN HOUSE 051-2111230,0300-5553137.Read more