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25 years pretty girl, Architect Engineer from NUST. 24 years very pretty girl, doing MBA from FAST. 24 years pretty Arain girl, Hafiza Quran, well settled, doing M.Phil. 24 years Syed Sunni lady doctor (final year), height 5-6. 24 years girl, Kashmiri, owner of company and News channel, BSc from Dubai. ZARI AWAN 0303-4016763.

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BAJI Nasim Marriage Bureau since 1979. Proposals of well educated, well known Bureaucrats Judges, Lawyers, CA, Doctors, Engineers, Overseas Pakistanis and Armed Forces for marriage and late marriage are available. 0300-4018998, 0300-4012371.Read more


MATCH required, boy 31 years old young man, height 5'-10", MBA from a noble business family. Owner of spinning mill, furniture, cloth, boutique and construction business in DHA, Lahore. Looking for a suitable match from upper class/Middle class family of a posh area. Required: girl must be a Doctor, Textile Fashion Designer or Interior Designer or a Masters Degree holder from a well reputed institution. She must have a good height & fair complexion and should be able to handle business affairs. International Marriage Bureau, Defence, Lahore. 0310-4791201.Read more


SON, qualified from UK of an educated small Syed Sunni family DHA, Lahore. Looking for a good looking, well educated girl 26-28 years from Lahore. Mrs. Ali 0304-1005906.Read more