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LADY Doctor Gyne 29. Daughter 33, Architect, Rajput. Daughter 28, BDS, Kashmiri, UK, small educated family. MRS. KHAWAJA: 0336-0518518, 051-5856437.

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SON 32, MS Petroleum Engineer Qatar settled family Son 30 MS Electrical Engineer Job KRL. Son 29 CA UK Citizen Son 29 BDS FCPS AFID Son 30 O/A Level MBA LUMS Well of business family son 28 CSS officer. Son 30 kidney Specialist UK Son 28 MS Civil EngineerMRS SARDAR 051-2306003 / 0301-5713980.Read more

Karachi Lahore Islamabad

AMERICAN Nationality holder real estate investor / businessman / pilot age 37 has multiple properties in USA, Dubai and Pakistan looking for 2nd marriage for kids, seeking a bride should be between 18 to 27 years, tall 5'.8" and above, slim, beautiful bachelor, observed Islamic values from a respectable educated family. WhatsApp +1(718)550-1596.Read more


BRITISH National Son 32 CA highly Paid (UK) Father Brig family settled DHA Karachi. Australian National Son 28 Electrical Engineer. Only son 28 Captain Engineer BANDHAN HOUSE -051-2111229,0300-5553137.Read more