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NOTICE is hereby given that under mentioned shares certificate(s) of Thal Limited have been lost by Mr. Saeed Ahmed holding CNIC No. 42301-1085096-1 bearing certificates number(s) is/are given below (Certificate No. - Distinctive No. From - Distinctive No. To. - No. of Shares) (121625 - 44010099 - 44013125 - 3027) (126270 - 52804352 - 52807984 - 3633) (131053 - 62814373 - 62818731 - 4359) (135788 - 74517891 - 74520505 - 2615) Total No. of Shares 13634. Any person who has found them or knows about their presence or has any claim on above shares should notify in writing about his / their claim to Famco Associates (Pvt) Ltd, 8-F next to Hotel Faran, PECHS, Block 6, near Nursery, Shahrae Faisal Road, Karachi within 21 days of this notice, otherwise duplicate certificate(s) will be issued.

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