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BOY, 30 years, army background, LUMS, multinational job. Boy, 29 years, UK national, owner of 2 banks in London, well settled. Boy, 29 years, MBA, Urdu speaking. Boy, 37 years, Doctor surgeon, late marriage. Boy, 28 years, KE doctor, Jatt. Boy, 31 years, LUMS Graduate, well settled business, Rajput. Zari Awan 0303-4016763.

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PLATINUM Membership of Shapes is available for sale. The buyer will get a discount of Rs. 100,000/-. The members can get access to all Shapes Gyms/Club across Pakistan. Please contact us: 0342-1144060.Read more


BOY, 27 years, doctor, doing PLAP. Boy, 29 years, Jatt, Engineering from NUST. Boy, 41 years, late, foreign qualified, job in Lahore. Boy, 31, doctor, US national. Boy, 32 years, A/O Levels, doing MS from Germany. Boy, 26 years, Mechanical Engineer, multinational job. Boy, 29 years, Jatt, doctor KE, America specialisation. Boy, 29 years, A/O Levels, bachelor from UK, well settled business Lahore. ZARI Awan 0303-4016763.Read more


MRS. COL SHAH Marriage Consultant highly educated CSS, doctor, engineer, officer, high level businessmen, Sunni/Shia, abroad/Pakistan, proposals available. 0324-4957060, 0306-4055802.Read more