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I, Muhammad Aqeel son of Ghuse Muhammad, resident of H # F 18, E-8 Islamabad, announce that my BE degree, bearing Registration No. 2005-NUST-BE-Elect-46, issued by NUST has been lost. Whoever finds it shall send it to the above mentioned address, or contact: 0320-3623431..

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BANDHAN HOUSE; an established & registered (2003) organization is committed to channelize compatible proposals for bureaucrat, forces, foreign settled business families sons and daughters. Please contact confidently as your privacy is our priority. Mrs Attia (Director): 051-2111230, 051-2111229, 0300-5553137, 0334-5553137, Office 9, Ground Floor, Abu Dhabi Towers, F-11 Markaz, Islamabad.Read more


SON 32, CA UAE family living at F.6. Son 38, divorcee, Major Doctor, family settled DHA. Son 30, AC family settled F.8. Son 30, MBBS Part II Surgery. Son 28, O/A level Dental Surgeon. Son 29, MBBS, residency USA. Son 28, GD Pilot. Son 27, Captain Engineer. Daughter 24,5/5, BDS. Daughter 25, 5/6 MBBS, American citizen. Daughter 24, 5/6, Megatronics Engineer. Daughter 25,5/7, MS Electrical Engineer. Contact: MRS Sardar, 051-2306003, 0301-5713980.Read more


SON 28, Commercial Pilot. Son 29, Awan, Mechanical Engineering GIKI, job multinational. Son 30, CSS Officer Customs. Contact BANDHAN HOUSE: 051-2111230, 051-2111229, 0300-5553137.Read more