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SON 34, Petroleum Engineer, USA Citizen. Son 29, Computer Engineer, MS from Germany, required Lady Doctor. MRS. KHAWAJA: 0315-5185705, 051-5856437.

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SON 32, British National, CA, highly paid UK, father Brigadier, family settled DHA Karachi. Son 28, Australian National, Electrical Engineer. Only son 28, Captain Engineer. Contact BANDHAN HOUSE: 051-2111230, 051-2111229, 0300-5553137.Read more

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DOCTORS and Professionals: DR, Shaheen is providing matrimonial services to higher class families, living in the big cities of Pakistan and Overseas. Visit FB page: Doctors and Professionals, Whatsapp: 0300-8567658.Read more


22 years of trusted matrimonial services of MRS. KHAWAJA. We guarantee satisfaction as we match better. DEFENCE Islamabad, Viber, WhatsApp. 0315-5185705, 0336-0518518, 051-5856438. facebook/ more