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SISTER 28, Master, Sunni, Punjabi, Slim, Residing Posh Area Proposal Required from on Job well Qualified Noble Family, Please Contact At:

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MEHFIL-E-SHAH-E-KHORASAN - Jashne Ide Ghadir will be held on Monday August 19, 2019 after Maghreb Prayers. Prominent poets will participate.Read more


NOTICE is hereby given that the consulting Engineer Registration Certificate for Shami Associates (Registration Number: Consult/850, Date of Registration: 04-09-1997 and Date of Expiry: 31-12-2012) has been lost / misplaced. The Nature of this document is of utmost importance and if found, please Contact Shami Associates for safe return on the following mobile contact: 0300-8229886.Read more


AUSTRALIA, Canada, London, Dubai, Makkah, Madina (Urgent Matches) well off boy 27 NED Engineer (Pak Motors) Defence Bukhari Bungalow / 32 London FRCS Doctor / 28 MBA Business (No Demand) / 35 CA Saudi Airline / well off 40 Engineer Power Plant Dubai (No Demand) 0333-2285535 (Kainaat Sheikh).Read more