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BOY, 28 years, Engineer from NUST, job in multinationals, residence 2 kanal house. Boy, 30 years, CA complete, Kashmiri. Boy, 28 years, Jatt, doing MD in USA. Boy, 29 years, Electrical Engineer U-fone in Islamabad. Boy, 37 years 2nd marriage without children, CSS. Boy 31 years, Rana Rajput, Chemical Engineer job in Saudi Arabia. Boy, 39 years, MBA from UK, late marriage, Lahore. ZARI AWAN 0303-4016763.

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EDUCATED family looking USA base proposal for their American national daughter age 38 years Master HR Management working in USA. Parents may contact. 0300-4870289, Email: fayyazbaig222@gmail.comRead more


BUKHARI'S Marriage Consultant, DHA, Lahore. We deal any caste high qualified professional degree holder, businessman, mill owner, Army / CSS offers. We also do it fee Sabilillah. Mrs. Masood 0333-4089289.Read more


GIRL, 25 years, doing Step One, very pretty, doctor. Girl, 34 years, Army Major, very smart, beautiful. Girl, 26 years, Kashmiri Khawaja Architect Engineer. Girl, 24 years, doing job, Army background. Girl, 22 years, 5-7, very pretty. Girl, 24 years, very pretty, Master from UK, Abu Dehbi. ZARI AWAN 0303-4016763.Read more


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