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CHEMICAL Engineer Ph.D 48 lady, Rajput, job grade 19 / BDS daughter 35 Kashmiri, UK citizen. MRS. KHAWAJA: 0315-5185705, 0336-0518518.

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SON 32, visiting Pakistan, British National, Pathan, Chartered Accountant Oxford, UK settled. Contact BANDHAN HOUSE: 051-2111229, 051-2111230, 0300-5553137, 0334-5553137.Read more


MRS. AZAM / SMART MATCH: Professional & qualified proposals available. Only serious families may contact for compatible matches, 051-5121701, 0300-9544388, 0336-6333376.Read more

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THE respectable parents for compatible matches of their sons and daughters may please contact, BEGUM HASHMI: 0330-6855732 / 0321-5193665, 051-5131827.Read more