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SON 24 years MBBS finalist (UMDC) Urdu speaking Yousufzai Pathan family suitable match (MBBS) required from noble family. 0300-8227586.

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I Saqib Jawaid S/o Jawaid Anwar student ID B-6055, CNIC # 42301-5326437-1, Program BBA have misplaced my Degree Transcript. Finder of these documents is requested to return them to the Institute of Business Management, Korangi Creek, Karachi. Contact No. 111-002-004 Ext 323.Read more


A Businessman Sunni, beautiful handsome, Rishta required any single widow, divorced, lady accepted (No Demand) Contact 0344-2329094.Read more


18 Year Experience ANMOL Rishtay Urdu, Punjabi, Sindhi, Professional Degree Holders, Handsome Boys, Beautiful Girls, America, Canada, Australia, UK, UAE, All Kinds Proposal Available Mr. Mrs. Anwar 35885603,0312-2185603, Defence / Gulshan.Read more