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FEMALE, Canadian, graduate, good looking, social, family oriented, religious / moderate, looking for highly educated, well groomed, ready to relocate, good looking with strong communication skills, financially stable, age 27-32. Contact: nicefamily7295@outlook.com.

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SON 29, MBBS Aga Khan, Surgery Part II. Son 27, Petroleum Engineer, Canadian Citizen. Son 30, Chartered Accountant, job America. Son 28, Captain Engineer. Son 30, MS Electrical Engineer NUST, job NESCOM. Son 28, Dental Surgeon AFID. Son 45, divorcee, Assistant Director. MRS SARDAR: 051-2306003 / 0301-5713980.Read more


DAUGHTER 24, MBBS, family settled F-7. Daughter 23, Urdu speaking, Software Engineer NUST, family settled Bahria Town. BANDHAN HOUSE: 051-2111229, 051-2111230, 0300-5553137.Read more


DAUGHTER 36, MCS, father University Professor, seeking compatible and suitable match. Contact: javediqbal1941@yahoo.com.Read more