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SON 29, 5'.10", daughter 24, 5'.5" Aerospace Engineer, commercial pilot, highly educated, Businessman, Doctor, Engineer, Govt. Officer, short family, posh area. WhatsApp: 0321-4323382.

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WE require match of boy age between 26 to 30, well-educated from small size & well educated family living in Lahore's posh area for our daughter 26 & half, height 5'-5", MBA from LSE. WhatsApp: 0332-4502109.Read more


BOY, 32 years, Engineer + MBA, Grade-18, doing job. Boy, 27 years, doing Plab, well settled family. Boy, 32 years, Syed Sunni, complete ACCA, Masqat job. Boy, 27 years, Software Engineer American. Boy, 28 years, CA, Syed Sunni, UK job. Boy, 29 years, MBA from LUMS, business class. ZARI AWAN 0303-4016763.Read more


A lot of excellent proposals available with professionally discreet and experienced handling. Late cases also considered. MRS. IMRAN 0300-4342523.Read more